Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Still here in Okra-Homa

The weather has held at a steady 80 to 90 degrees with little humidity. IT has truly been a blessing , as anyone who knows anything about Oklahoma, I should be sweating at 108 degrees by 10 am.

There is much to share and post, but we are on dial up and its just impossible to load pictures.

Even just getting to blogger is a PITA.

I miss my pony and my friends. I would really like to go home....

IT is truly amazing, you definitely find out who your friends are when a crisis hits. They are the first ones to call or email you and check up on us as the days have progressed.

Some who I thought were mine and Shawn's friends haven't even sent me or him an email. Sad really.

I'll have lots of beautiful pictures when we get home.

Jocelyn and Whinnie the Wonder Weenie Dog. She was Joans dog who has attached herself to my lap.


Sharon said...

I'm glad the weather is cooperating for you. I hope the remainder of your trip will be good for you.

Hugs, Sharon

Mrs Mom said...

Hey Woman! Was beginning to wnder ifn you had dried up and blown away out there ;) Glad things are OK. Looking forward to an update when you can. Bet your pretty Princess Mare misses her Momma too...

Prayers continue for everyone there!

Paige said...

Well I have been thinking about you, but did not know how much internet access you had.

Only one more week, right?

wilsonc said...

Come home soon Jocelyn. The great northwest is missing you.

Jocelyn said...

all i have to say is
dial up BLOWS !


One more week ! yipeee !

The Wife said...

OK weather can be miserable! But we got that cold front (haha) down here in TX so I'm hoping you are cooler there. Still thinkin' of ya.

jennifer said...

Okra-homa.. cute!

Sorry you have limited access on the computer. Prayers for your family and for safe travel.