Sunday, August 2, 2009

Found my Horseaii... It was glorious.

There is nothing better to ease the bruised soul than some quality time with your favorite equine.
My horseaii has been on hiatus through softball season. The season didn't end well and my ego had taken a beating.
So Sunday I spent the afternoon reconnecting with Sis and it was glorious.
Somehow I felt she knew I needed her smell, her whinnies and her soft coat to press my face against.

So, we took some video ! There was some ramblings about Sis being in a rope halter and not having enough "STOP" to be safe on the trail.

With the help of Deborah and endless lessons and hours of saddle time, I think Sis and I communicate very well. I am not a trainer, we haven't taken a lesson in over a year, I do everything with her myself. Below is the video PROOF that I can get my, as I was told " basically still green" pony to stop without a bit in her mouth.

Take 2

The final...

So there you have it ! Star and I coming to a stop with one hand on the reins, one hand with a camera and all I have is my seat and the word WHOA. My friend T aka The enforcer needs come out and help us, since Star has learned the canter, she has decided that her "show pony" gaits are stooooooopid. Why jog pretty when we can RUN! ugh.. At least she stops !!!


Laughing Orca Ranch said... try that out on the trail. lol!

Those are some great videos. I love seeing Star's ears while she's listening to you...and I especially liked hearing your voice. :)

I'm glad you're enjoying connecting with your painted girl and that she's lifting your spirits.
I had a similar moment yesterday, just sitting out on a bucket, in the leased pasture with Baby Doll as she munched some grain and hay I brought her. All her other herd buddies were out doing other things with their owners, so it was just her and I. And she really seemed content that I was there with her. When I got back in my van to drive home....she followed me along the fenceline and whinnied. It was so sweet, that I just had to get back out and give her another handful of grain. hehe!


Jocelyn said...

Thanks Lisa.

I hate my voice, I sound like a 3.99 a minute phone sex girl. Yuck.

That is what we are working towards, trail riding bitless.

When we are doing fundamentals and arena work I will use full bridle, but I want to be able to ride endurance bitless.

Paige said...

Im glad you had a nice day with her--you were due

strivingforsavvy said...

That's great. I think riding while using a video camera would be the hard part. I live in Canby. If you ever want to go for a trail ride somewhere, let me know maybe we could meet.

Jocelyn said...

SFS: Just come out to the ranch !

there are miles of trails right behind the ranch, or e mail me you # and when we go to the Sandy river yo should come along!