Monday, August 3, 2009

Meanwhile back at the ranch

Star and I attempted our first trail ride ALONE/ALA Carte/SOLO/Mono Y Mono.
Trail ride was more like trail WALK. Which means mare is acting a fool and I get off and walk.
The gravel road to the trail head goes through what I affectionately call White Trash Alley.
Tons of barking dogs, cars, critters, all sorts of unused cars, trailers, Go Carts, Quads,Recycle bins PEOPLE! you name it.
Tonight was special, going at a good click until..............................................
the goats. yes I said it, the goats.
We have already had no issue with the Mini's, the go Kart, the Psychotic German Shepard, Diesel pickup after Diesel pick up. No worries there.

It was the goats that sent her into a tailspin. The pick up driver laughed when after he apologized I had to humbly admit, it wasn't him it was the bleeting NUBIANS with the Bell Collars. Once again the HELL NO AND SPIN. sheesh !
I kid you not we walked for almost two miles and and down gravel roads, through two HUGE pastures and back to the ranch. We will continue our escapades through White Trash Alley everyday this week. Can't be having that behaviour in an endurance horse.

When I returned late much to Rebekahs worry.. This was the view. So beautiful. If anyone ever wants to go visit the ranch let me know, it is truly a spectacular place.


jennifer said...

ACK! I've always known that goats were vicious creatures.

By the way, my dust bunnies beat up your honor student dust bunny :)

Melanie said...


About that Appy...too funny!!! I like him because I think he would make an excellent mount for my hubby!!! He looks like a quiet, calm, confidence builder. Go ahead and grab him, because I can't. :(

PS-I am glad that the ferocious goatleys didn't eat you or Star. :)

strivingforsavvy said...

That's great. I think riding while using a video camera would be the hard part. I live in Canby. If you ever want to go for a trail ride somewhere, let me know maybe we could meet.

I somehow posted this in the wrong place yesterday!

strivingforsavvy said...

I found the place I posted yesterday and saw you had answered. I could not find your email. Mine is

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

But ya know....even if Star accepts those goats in White Trash Alley, she may still do the "Hell No and Spin" if she sees a goat somewhere else.

Baby Doll lives with goats, sheep and llamas. She eats side by side with them. She grazes with them. She sleeps in a stall next to them.

But if I take my llamas outside of our property and she sees them, she freaks out! It's as if she doesn't recognize them at all.

Horses are weird.