Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Made it home

We finally made it home last night about 10 pm. The whole trip was an ordeal as anyone might guess. It was a whirlwind the minute we stepped off the plane. Last minute funeral arrangements, family visits, cleaning up , grief and this weird sense of numbness that you just cant describe.

I will say however watching my husband be so embattled with sadness and grief was heart wrenching and I just wanted to crawl inside him and heal his aching heart. AS I prayed over him at night, it was so surreal. I don't wish it on anyone.

There was no good bye, no preparing, she was just ........gone.....

I will post pictures after I get home from the barn tonight.



Mrs Mom said...

Glad you guys are home and safe. Time heals all wounds JP. Prayers are still with y'all ;)

gtyyup said...

So glad you are home...there's nothing like it. My condolences to Shawn and his family...any you too of course. You're in our prayers.

Mrs Mom said...

LOL JP, I love ya girl, but YOU are more than welcome to come out and give Sonny a kiss. After he smashed my mouth last night, I can barely eat w/o drooling on myself. No way am I getting near his face again w/ mine for a LOOONG time!! ;)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Give Shawn a hug from me, too. I'm glad you're home again. I missed ya. I wish you could have driven through New Mexico to visit me on your way home.