Sunday, August 2, 2009

Got a call from a cute boy....

After I got home from Softball yesterday, I got the call.
Honey, do you want to come watch the PJ's jump out of the helicopters into the Columbia?
**** silence***
Yeah, I'm getting my shoes on right now, I'll be RIGHT there

The heli coming around to start the jumps.

It got down to the water and the guys jumped out.

Then the pick up boat came around to get them.

A view of the Mighty Columbia looking East.
Ahh, here come the wet, hunky, Para Rescuemen to shore.
Why did you kick me?
SP: You were staring and drooling, remember I'm still standing here!
Oh yeah .. sorry honey... Could you step to the left you are blocking the shot?
So to conclude my not so great last day of softball, I got an eyeful of man candy.
Not too shabby.
Then I got home and this was what was waiting for me.
A big dose of reality.
The only hairy, green eyed, begging for some loving,anything that will be on my lap anytime soon.

I hope everyone else is having a great weekend !


Reddunappy said...

We seen them doing that years ago at the east end of Reed Island, when we used to camp on a freinds private property there. Pretty cool to watch them do manuevers

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

LOL!!! I'd take that fuzzy green-eyed cutie in my lap anytime! hehe!

But that man candy. Whooeee!
What fun you had....and some great pics, too!


The Wife said...

A little eye candy never hurt!