Tuesday, August 4, 2009

relaxing evening alone... sort of

I was going to go ride tonight,but a frantic call from Shawn that his Mom collapsed and an invite to go watch them do maneuvers , I chose to stay home.
Hot Bubble bath: Check
Fluffy White Robe: Check
Quick Burrito Dinner and cold beer: Check
Kitty Stalker aka Fur Collar: Check

My Name is Tristan, I am 10 years old, Part Maine Coon, Part Bengal, and thank you for visiting Kitty Stalking 101.

If I stick my paws real close to the plate I might get me some.
If the Mamma throws you down and says go away. That means keep coming back time and time again, Mammas love this , in fact ... they live for it.

If Mamma doesn't have her glasses , I can has her Furrito.. er Burrito that I have already stuck my tail on.
She has her beer, she'll be fine with that. the Furrito is mine.

Are you seeing me here? Can you see me now? Can you can you???

You wanted a quiet evening alone? I didn't get that Memo. All Memos to the Kitty must be placed in envelope next to Kitty Bowl with moist dinner , all Memos will be taken into consideration and my compliance will be determined on the flavor of dinner.

Just cuz you changed into your jammie's Mamma doesn't mean we still can't cuddle.

OMG are you on Dreamhorse?
All browsing of other animal websites must be requested in writing. VIA Memo.

I love it when Mamma just gives in and scratches my ears.
Resistance is futile.

Thank you for stopping by. The next installment will include bathroom visits and drinking out of the sink.


Linda said...

Oh this is purrfect!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

LOL! Tristan is quite a persistant personality and very loving. I had a Maine Coone long ago. I love me a HUGE furry, in-you-face kitty.

The photos of you cracked me up, too. :D


gtyyup said...

Tristan is just too cute...great post girl!!