Thursday, July 29, 2010

the wet squishy ones are the best ones

A year ago this horse REFUSED to get her feets wet. She would have nothing to do with this pond. We had a giant CTJ meeting about it and she finally got in.
So now my problem is that she refuses to get out.
At Klickitat ride, she got into the knee deep creek and decided that walking home in the creek was a fab idea.
She refused to leave the creek and started walking upstream like " I know the way home is just right up the creek Mamma"

She isn't a fan on endurance rides of the clean , fresh water, she loves the brown, grimy, filled with sweet nibbles water.
I was getting nervous she wouldn't drink and then realized the water wasn't gross enough for her taste.

If I had my lunge line she would have went all the way in. I have a long lead rope and I was barely hanging on to the end at this point.

She will actually dunk her head for the good nibbles she wants under water.
We now call her " The Manatee" .

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Tip of the Day

Do what you love and do it often...

Kellie dog lives to ride in the truck bed. She doesn't get to do it very often as we are nervous parents. But she thinks it gives her street cred as a real cattle dog.

Shannie loves to swim and retrieve her squirrel. She will just go and go and go and go. Tail wagging and a big Labrador smile. To see her crashed out in the backseat after a good long swim makes us appreciate the small things. She loves to swim, it makes her happy, she is easy to please.
Be happy in what you love, be easy to please and go fast and crash hard.
Enjoy all those moments.
Swim like the lab and let the wind blow in your hair like the cattle dog.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cat Days of Summer

It's a hot one today in the Pacific Northwest. 95 degrees in the shade.
Seamus was enjoying the breeze in the gazebo.

Which is weird because one can usually find him in the house on his back in front of the fan!
Time to make more lemonade!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Flop

Since my horse has been so lame lately, yesterday I took a good hard look at all the stress eating I have been doing.

Time to step away from my feed bag.
Even my husband last night said a snide remark about my eating habits. HE NEVER does that.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wednesday's Work of Art

Don't these look like the horse Bugs Bunny rides???
The are very old, very expensive Chinese Statues.

I have quite a few that look like this one below , but didn't cost as much. I am super picky about the horse "art" that I have in my house. You aren't going to see National Velvet ON Velvet anywhere in my home ! My Mom got me started on the Asian inspired horses and I also like the " hunt and pack" scenes of Europe style of prints and plates.

What do you collect as far as "horsey" items?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tuesday Tip Returns

edited to add:
Your tip for the day is to:

Squeezable Pickle Relish ,
the other kind in a jar is fine, but NOT the kind you turn upside down and squeeze. Nothing but juice runs out... ugh...

It is by far the nastiest thing ever. If you want soggy buns then go for it. GAG.

However do buy:

Hebrew National Kosher Hot Dogs and BBQ them.

You taste buds will thank me later.

That's my Tuesday Tip.
Watch For Wednesday Works of Art and Friday Flops :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trophy Wife gone bad

Last Night ( Friday) is a night I normally don't go out anywhere. My idea of Friday night is PJ's, Netflix and BBQing.
Well Shawn wanted to go check out the Bagpipe ( Irish Catholic Boy) competition at the College. this is in conjunction with the Highland games there this weekend.
Albeit, I love me some bagpipe, but this was not my cup of tea. Boring to be exact. So we stayed for a couple players and went on home. Each competitor had to play a song chosen by the judge.
They were over 15 minutes long EACH. Every song sounded like a funeral procession.

I couldn't use flash so my camera wasn't cooperating in the dark theatre.
So we go outside to get in the car, and what do I see? This WICKED COOL CAR!
Yes those are mini mirror tiles.

All sorts of hood ornaments

More tiles, brass plates of all kinds, from Volleyball Champ, to High Society this and that.
Drugs Don't Work Bumper sticker was oddly ironic.
You name it , it was on there.

No, you aren't cross eyed, there is no roof.
It's a convertible with out the rag top.
Check out the boobie car seat cover.
The back seat cover was made out of a table cloth material.

This was my favorite part of the car besides the phone.
Trophy Wife, However I am way past the trophy wife stage it would still be cool to be considered one.

Shawn says Did you see the phone?
OMG how totally Hart to Hart is that? They had the same kind of deal in their car.

So cool, Portland really does have some interesting folks.

Full side view again.

So even though the bagpipes were not as upbeat as we had hoped this car totally made up for it !

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Havent seen much of her lately

Poor thing probably thinks she is for sale or something.
I rode last Saturday morning and she was a tad off, so I think another week of time off and she should be good to go.

I have had non stop company for almost a month! It's been crazy around here, but my vacation starts soon!
I have had doctors appointments galore, trying to tie up some loose health issues before we move. Oh that's been a blast!

Let's see, on the agenda for August.
garage sale to beat all Garage sales
Walt Disney World trip
Trip to Seattle for Passports
Dog appointments
Move Star to her temp home for the next 6 months

and last but not least get my house ready to rent.

Ya think I can get it all done before Labor Day?

I sure hope so!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I truly had no idea

that being 41 was a detriment.

I answered an ad on CL for a temp room to rent while I am waiting for Shawn to arrive in Alaska. This was a FELLOW Air Force married couple and advertised under short term room to rent.

I told them my situation and a little bit about me, 41, female, married, employed etc..

and this was the ***holes reply back to me.

" Give me a call and set up a time to meet ( I said I didn't live there yet so clearly he can't read)"
" However we really wanted someone our own ages ( 19, 25, and 27)."
Sgt **** at (***)-***-****


My reply back was not very friendly nor PC, my only hope is that Shawn is the Punk A$$'s new Supervisor.

I also have his phone number, so he really is stupid. HE totally dissed me , illegally age discriminated against me and yet STILL gave me his phone number.

I am going to have fun with that.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's hard letting go sometimes

Shawn and I are having a hard time parting with our house.

We wanted to sell it , but the housing market is making that impossible.

So our only choice is to rent it.

Problem is..

Letting go... and letting new people make new memories, run in the huge yard, cook in the fab kitchen,sit in the gazebo and drink morning coffee, play with other kids in the cul de sac., sleep in the bedroom I have slept in for the last 10 years.

So with that revelation, we can concentrate on getting to Alaska , making new memories ourselves.

Man, the tears are a coming Blogger Peeps, get out your floatie wings!