Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Havent seen much of her lately

Poor thing probably thinks she is for sale or something.
I rode last Saturday morning and she was a tad off, so I think another week of time off and she should be good to go.

I have had non stop company for almost a month! It's been crazy around here, but my vacation starts soon!
I have had doctors appointments galore, trying to tie up some loose health issues before we move. Oh that's been a blast!

Let's see, on the agenda for August.
garage sale to beat all Garage sales
Walt Disney World trip
Trip to Seattle for Passports
Dog appointments
Move Star to her temp home for the next 6 months

and last but not least get my house ready to rent.

Ya think I can get it all done before Labor Day?

I sure hope so!


Reddunappy said...

Sounds like a really full plate girl!!
Message me your address, I will see if we can come over for the sale!

Paige said...

of course you can

you flyin to Disney World in Orlando? When?

never know when I might hit the road and come see you!

JJ said...

What a crazy schedule you have...and Disney World?! LOL, that will be fun, but are you really going to Orlando? I'm excited to hear about that adventure. Looking back, this summer will be such a whirlwind summer, I'm sure you'll wonder how you did it all, but do it you will! Good luck and hang in there!

P.S. Star look gorgeous in that picture!

Jocelyn said...

Pam, will do!

Paige: its the weekend of the 14th of August :)

JJ: thanks for the compliment its a cool picture of her.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

That's a beautiful photo of Star!

Sounds like you're gonna be really busy in the coming weeks. Good luck!

baystatebrumby said...

What is the temp home for 6 months? I am very curious about that!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whew! And I thought this summer was flying by fast. For you it's going to be flying by even faster.

You'll get 'er done. You're persistant and tenacious.

So where's the Star Diva going be shacked up for 6 months?
It would be awesome if you could find a horse property in Alaska so you could keep her with you.

Love the photo of her. She looks beautiful!