Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wednesday's Work of Art

Don't these look like the horse Bugs Bunny rides???
The are very old, very expensive Chinese Statues.

I have quite a few that look like this one below , but didn't cost as much. I am super picky about the horse "art" that I have in my house. You aren't going to see National Velvet ON Velvet anywhere in my home ! My Mom got me started on the Asian inspired horses and I also like the " hunt and pack" scenes of Europe style of prints and plates.

What do you collect as far as "horsey" items?


Reddunappy said...

I collect older horse books, when I find them at garage sales or wherever.

The Wife said...

I have some painted ponies. Very cute.

AareneX said...

My house is filled with photos of people I know and horses I know.

Also, original paintings of horses by artists I love (not many of tho$e, alas).

The only "dustcatcher" horses in the house were gifts from people who love me but who forget about my housework ethic!

Jocelyn said...

Aarene:Oh Original paintings would be awesome, but alas like you said $$$$...

Kit: I have a Painted Pony, I want the one that looks like Star ;)

Pam: I have book, but I also have some really cool OLD Magazines that I would love to frame someday!

Artist said...

These statues are amazing. The love for horses is as old as humanity.