Saturday, July 17, 2010

Trophy Wife gone bad

Last Night ( Friday) is a night I normally don't go out anywhere. My idea of Friday night is PJ's, Netflix and BBQing.
Well Shawn wanted to go check out the Bagpipe ( Irish Catholic Boy) competition at the College. this is in conjunction with the Highland games there this weekend.
Albeit, I love me some bagpipe, but this was not my cup of tea. Boring to be exact. So we stayed for a couple players and went on home. Each competitor had to play a song chosen by the judge.
They were over 15 minutes long EACH. Every song sounded like a funeral procession.

I couldn't use flash so my camera wasn't cooperating in the dark theatre.
So we go outside to get in the car, and what do I see? This WICKED COOL CAR!
Yes those are mini mirror tiles.

All sorts of hood ornaments

More tiles, brass plates of all kinds, from Volleyball Champ, to High Society this and that.
Drugs Don't Work Bumper sticker was oddly ironic.
You name it , it was on there.

No, you aren't cross eyed, there is no roof.
It's a convertible with out the rag top.
Check out the boobie car seat cover.
The back seat cover was made out of a table cloth material.

This was my favorite part of the car besides the phone.
Trophy Wife, However I am way past the trophy wife stage it would still be cool to be considered one.

Shawn says Did you see the phone?
OMG how totally Hart to Hart is that? They had the same kind of deal in their car.

So cool, Portland really does have some interesting folks.

Full side view again.

So even though the bagpipes were not as upbeat as we had hoped this car totally made up for it !


Breathe said...

I love art cars. I wish I had one here. They have a big art car parade in Houston every year...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Very creative. Love that car. And that's why I detest cell phones. Too tiny. I tend to drop them. Wy can't they have receivers like the one in that car? So comfy!

My hubby loves bagpipes! He would have been so happy to attend that bagpipe concert with you guys.

He has several bagpipe CDs and makes me listen to the bagpipes as we drive down the road. lol!


Paige said...

They call that car art?
Now see we cannot have that here--it would be way more likely that we would just think the people were crazy

Reddunappy said...

OH my, that is hilarious!!
Yeah I have seen a few "interesting" cars in the area LOL LOL