Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Tip of the Day

Do what you love and do it often...

Kellie dog lives to ride in the truck bed. She doesn't get to do it very often as we are nervous parents. But she thinks it gives her street cred as a real cattle dog.

Shannie loves to swim and retrieve her squirrel. She will just go and go and go and go. Tail wagging and a big Labrador smile. To see her crashed out in the backseat after a good long swim makes us appreciate the small things. She loves to swim, it makes her happy, she is easy to please.
Be happy in what you love, be easy to please and go fast and crash hard.
Enjoy all those moments.
Swim like the lab and let the wind blow in your hair like the cattle dog.


allhorsestuff said...

Very smart advice!
I'm in for all of it!(though, I am translating the advice to cat)

gtyyup said...

Boy, you've been crazy busy. Hope Star's getting over her lameness.

Very cut post today!!

OH...the crazy car...bet you could leave the keys in that one and no one would steal it! Yep, Portland's got it's share...