Monday, July 19, 2010

Tuesday Tip Returns

edited to add:
Your tip for the day is to:

Squeezable Pickle Relish ,
the other kind in a jar is fine, but NOT the kind you turn upside down and squeeze. Nothing but juice runs out... ugh...

It is by far the nastiest thing ever. If you want soggy buns then go for it. GAG.

However do buy:

Hebrew National Kosher Hot Dogs and BBQ them.

You taste buds will thank me later.

That's my Tuesday Tip.
Watch For Wednesday Works of Art and Friday Flops :)


Paige said...

i totally agree with you on the hebrew Nationals. But I strongly disagree with you on the relish thing--squeezable or not, if you get the good kind with mustard already in it, you will be a happy girl.

But eat all the dogs, as Hebrew Nationals do not keep. I just threw out a pile that got funky. I almost cried

Jocelyn said...

No not Relish in general I LOVE RELISH, but the squeeze kind

the squeeze kind is GROSS.

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JJ said...

LOL, this is awesome advice; I love it! Hebrew Nationals ARE very delicious, and I will be sure to only buy the jar relish and not the squeeze kind.