Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You bad man go away....

Well, it was the time of year again. The State Fair.
IF anyone remembers this post, it's about the Camelid Species having a distaste for Shawn.
This has been proven time and time again..
So what would be the fair without some Llama moments ??

Oh this one... Not so happy... He immediately started pacing and giving Shawn the " one eye".
Then he got his buddies in on it.

This one was SO NOT loving Shawn. IF you could have seen the two of us laughing while the Llama owners were unaware that there was Stranger Danger in their midst !

Poor Shawn, no Llama love..
I plan on having Llamas someday, so he needs to use different soap or bring treats or something.


Kristina P. said...

I think I'll check out the llamas at our fair this weekend!

Mrs Mom said...

As long as he didnt get hit in the eye by one! ;)

Jocelyn said...

It was a crack up, it all started at the Horse Hospital with Larry the llama. Larry must have sent out the word... Shawn tried to feed him some treats and he almost spit on Shawn.

I love me some llamas... Cant wait to get some.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

LOL! He really must be annoying, because I've discovered that you've got to do a lot to annoy a llama enough to aim a loogie at you. In the two years we've owned llamas I've only been spat at once and that was because I didn;t pay attention to my female llama that she was sick of being brushed. lol!

Llamas hate the taste of their own bile more than we do (well maybe not. It's pretty vile stuff.)

What kind of treats was he trying to pan off on them? My llamas will only eat small pieces of horse candy/cookies. If I try to feed them carrots they give me a disgusted look of disdain. lol!


ps Come back on over. I turned on your Chicken Song just for YOU! :)

Sorry I've not come over for a while. Your blog hasn't been showing as updated in my reader. Weird. I've missed ya, buddy!

Paige said...

Well that is certainly an interesting attribute to have--llama irritant. Huh

Jocelyn said...

Lisa , It was carrots. ! No Wonder. We were visting Star in the hospital and brought her carrots.

Dusty Devoe said...

Love the pictures!

Julie said...

Llamas freak me out. And, they it's not that they don't like me, but they stare and follow me. My sister had llamas and says is must be my red hair. My aunt's parrot hates all red heads and will attack me. Talk about discrimination . . .