Thursday, September 3, 2009

Surry with the fringe on top

Except my Surry for the whole times was a one ton Dodge pickup. OMG don't buy one people, they are ROUGH. I think the Surry would be more comfy.
As many of you know I have been in Okra-Homa for the last two weeks.
Shawn actually stopped and pulled over on the highway to tell me to take a picture of this. We were leaving Texas ( my preferred residence) and coming back into ... see below...
These are a couple of heart felt pictures I took at the graveside service while they were lowering her casket in to the ground.

Saturday night AFTEr the funeral, the whole Payne side of the family got together for some adult beverages.
This is Aunt Mary Jane and cousin Jennifer. BOTH of them put their boobs in my face that night. Which resulted in my slight concussion and back ache for a few days. I have officially passed initiation and am now a Payne. Yeah me....

Uh Oh.... Someone got into the Hot Dam drinkie a tad too much and got herself a black eye and some Bottle Flu.

So how does one spouse make it up to the other spouse on their wedding anniversary?

They take her to SONIC !Thats right, Sonic. For a burger and a XXL Cherry limeade.
The Sonic in the NW , just don't seem to make it as good as they do down there.

Ok, so here is some more hickville fun. Catfishing with a trot line. this sucker weighed 30 pounds. Note to self: Catfish is disgusting to look at and to eat. Ga-ROss.

Oh now this was as special treat. Some not so legal fishing on the river.
No fish were harmed this day.
Let's just say we wernt using poles and bait.

Right next to the Cemetery is a pasture full of these beauties. This one had a bead on me the whole time, while the rest of the herd was wandering off, she stayed behind and watched my very carefully. If I moved she moved.....

I wonder if I could teach this one to ride? I'd have a matching set. !

There are more fun pics to come! I even have some fun video of how to train cows to race.
Stay tuned!


Kristina P. said...

That fish is CRAZY!!

The Wife said...

Can hardly wait!

jennifer said...

Loved all of the pictures (that fish was BIG) and the commentary. You've got the softball card and now boobs in the face. Yep, you are a woman of the world :)

Glad you made it home safe.

Mrs Mom said...

Dodge? Oh no. Bad bad bad. ;)

Boobage in face. Hmm... Am I the only one seeing a theme here? The softball team... boobages in the face... I dunno JP.. I dunno!

Seriously though- the graveside pix are great. Actually, all the shots are great. Glad you are home now!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow...what an exciting time you had there. I bet ya can't wait to go back again and again...*snicker*
How did you handle such a rich cultural experience.
Did they make you eat that huge catfish? gah!
And wow, I don't think I've ever seen such all boots on a man before. Sure are pretty, though. Your rellies get pretty styled up for a funeral, eh?


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

tall....the internet ate my 't'!


gtyyup said...

Beautiful Long Horns...ugly catfish...I have yet to visit a Sonic...sigh...