Monday, September 28, 2009

The House of Payne

Well, the blog has taken a back seat lately due to fabulous weather and some home DIY projects.
Saturday night we took a break and went to the Portland Polish Festival.
This is Ania ( from Poland) she is in my book club. She is battling breast cancer right now and under that cute wig is a bald head. Her normal hair is blond and super curly, so no worries it wont come back curly!
She helps run the Portland Polish School at St. Stanislaus Parish in Portland, the only Polish Roman Catholic Church here.

This was dinner , sausage Pierogi and Hunter Stew. So good Calorie Free ! :)
We went to the School first to check out some Polish History and have dessert FIRST :)
The Doughnuts ( Pączki) were yummy, the other cookies not so much.
But it's all for a good cause and fund raising.

Got to love the Chicken dance. Next year we will participate, we were both tired from painting and DIY projects all day. I am cheap date, beer and sausage and the chicken dance. The Costumes were awesome and the pottery I have to have someday.
I have a " thing" for art glass and pottery. Not quite like a Cat Lady, but close.

This guy was the announcer and Dance steward. Polka isn't Polka without an accordion!
This was a fun event and look forward to getting my Chicken Polka mojo for next year.
Shawns Great Grandpa were from Poland , we would love to travel there someday.

Next is a sneak peek at the guest room. First new butter creamy yellow paint, which covered up the ugly LEMON that Shawn picked. Not ugly I guess, but too bright. yikes.
Then new baseboards, and hand cleaning and scraping goop off the wood floors.
All hands and knees folks.

The bed is from IKEA and the tables and dresser are French Provincial that I had in MY ROOM as a little girl. they are almost 40 years old. They will go great with my French/Asian inspired , cozy guest room. Picture's aren't hung, new closet doors need to be hung etc, basically the room is still undressed.
I will post pictures as soon as this project is finally finished.
I hurt so bad from up and down the ladder, on the hard floor and a stint of holding the baseboards out the side window of the pickup on the way home from Lowe's. 41 is feeling crickity and old today.

Who wants to be the first guest????? I promise cupcakes and cable tv.


The Wife said...

I'm there for a cupcake! Can't wait to see the finished product. The Polish festival looked like loads of fun!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Did you say cupcakes??!!
(must make my reservations soon!)

Oooh! I had a French Provincial bedroom set as a child, too. My daughter inherited my two dressers and bed. My bed was a canopy bed, but my daughter didn't want that right now, maybe when she's older. The butter creamy yellow paint turned out beautifully!

Your friend has a warm smile. I hope she beats the breast cancer.

Did they have those decorated eggs: pyzanki(?). They are so intricate and beautiful works of art.

Sounds like you had fun. I'd like to see you do the chicken

Linda said...

LOVE me some Paczki! Zero calories -LOL! And the furniture is beautiful.

Jocelyn said...

The Polish sure know how to have a good time!

We have chicken dance video but not of us! Maybe next year.

This guest room has been a long time coming, and we are expecting loads of company for the holidays so we are under the nail gun so to speak.

Sharon said...

That looks like such a fun festival! The food looks fabo!!! I hope that Ania will be able to beat her cancer. She is adorable. Hey....I wouldn't mind be a guest! :0)

Love ya! Shar

Rue said...

Hi Jocelyn :)

The bedroom is coming along beautifully! I love that color :)

Praying for your friend....


jennifer said...

Cupcake? How about cupcakeS? If one is good two are better.

The bed is AWESOME! Your room is going to be great.

Your friend looks very pretty under the brown wig. Best wishes to her.