Thursday, August 26, 2010

Splash Zone

Sorry for taking so long to get these up, but we BOTH had cameras and took a Tourist-load of pictures! These are all from Shawn's camera, mine was not fast enough to get the good shots.
We are sitting in the "splash zone". Which means you sit here , you are getting wet.
The whales make sure of it! Shawn and I wanted to be CLOSE as possible, so there you sit waiting to get drenched for the sake of good pictures!

We were in awe, such amazing and graceful creatures.
The trainers are no longer allowed to swim with them since the accident early this year. You should see the gates they open and shut between the show pool and the holding pools. Wow, imagine a baby gate for a whale !

We couldn't believe that Shawn got these pictures, we get all excited when we get good shots. It's like capturing a memory for eternity and since we love animals so much 99% of our 1000's of pictures are of animals!

This is how they got the whales to come by and splash, they would swim by and smack their tails like boat oars . So gross, salty nasty water, but totally worth it!
You can't see it here, but that pool is DEEP and I mean DEEP.

I thought this was a cool shot. Can you imagine standing there and having that whale come full speed and slide right up next to you? I would have to change my shorts for sure.

So one of the things I was excited about seeing was the Gators... We are in Florida right??
Well, no such luck, I only saw one big wild one at NASA, and these little critters at Sea World.
Shawn promised that on our next trip he would take me Gator Watching, kind of like Whale watching here in the NW :0 Yipeeeeeee.
I think this guy would make a cute belt .... kidding...
Sea Dragons, oh how I love thee. The males do the birthing and raising..
Shawn took some amazing pictures of these animals. You should have seen us snapping away like we've never seen a sea creature in our lives.

This was so cute, a Mamma and a calf holding flippers while taking a little nap.
Funny, this is how Shawn sleeps too.

We didn't go to the Dolphin show, but we went and saw them in the tank instead.
Out of 20 pictures this was the only good one.

ahhh The Manatee. Need I say more? These Manatee's actually belong to the State of Florida and are being rehabbed( from sickness, human negligence or what have you) at Sea World. If the State comes back and says let them free, then Sea World has to let them free.
Let me tell you they are bigger then you think.

We went and watched this cute show, for us we have seen many many sea lions, but the trained ones are much cuter than the naughty, fat, lazy ,barking ones we see at the condo in Newport.

Well, another end of a long day. We had a great time, and can't wait to do it again!

I promise I will get back to everyone's blogs when life slows down a tad!


Kristina P. said...

I went to Sea World a lot as a child. I miss it!

Paige said...

Great pics! Can you believe I have never been to Sea World? what is that about? They would probably have to drag me out

That manatee looks a tad overfed to me

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You got a haircut! And a color, too? You look adorable! The two of you look adorable!

I love how you're getting all this special time spent together. I wish my hubby and I could do that again one day. In time....

I love love the manatees! We're they feeding them lettuce and cabbage? It's so cute how they hold the lettuce head in their flippers and nibble on them.

Oh! Did you pet a dolphin or a sting ray? Their skin is so velvety and just amazing!

I love Sea World. I would ahve been like you and Shawn, snapping away my camera.
Your photos turned out wonderful!


baystatebrumby said...

If I ever go to Sea World, I know I will find it so moving that I will be crying the whole time. Once when I was at the Boston Aquarium (the place is like CHURCH to me) with my boyfriend at the time and his 8 year old daughter, we went to the Sea Lion show and I was SO INTO IT! I was way more into it than the 8 year old. Then when they asked for volunteers I totally volunteered...along with all the children in the audience! hah! I was the only grown up! I laugh at this, but what can I say? I emant it, I thought it was so wonderful. So at Sea World? That would be heavenly.

Merri said...

In one of my next lives, I want to be a marine biologist. (don't have time in this life : )
- The Equestrian Vagabond