Monday, August 9, 2010

Aren't I supposed to be on vacation?

We had one of two garage sales on Saturday.
I tried to sell the cat and didn't have any takers.

So then I lowered his price...
He was a hit at the sale and was a good helper. Guarded the money box and walked customers out to their cars.

He approved of my merchandising skills.

Can one family have too many tv's? Clearly they can.

The love shack didn't sell.
Bummer as it really needs to get the HE** out of my driveway. Someone asked if the motorcycle was mine. Ummm no...

Overall it was a success as I got rid of alot of extra stuff I didn't want to pay to get schlepped via barge to Alaska.

I have also gone trail riding with friends three times this week! Star had a long vacation and it showed until the third time out and she was back to her normal trail pony self. It's amazing how quickly they can forget their training when given a long break.
Well, that list of "to-do's" just keeps getting longer....
My departure date is getting closer!
This is no vacation... :(


Breathe said...

Our steady trail girl, Lily also was goofy on the trail recently but had had too much time off.

Looks like the sale was a success - the love shack will probably go on craigs list...

jennifer said...

Ack! I wish we weren't across the country from each other. I would love to have the patio furniture.

And the cat.

Have you blogged about how the move affects (effects? I hate those two) Star? Will she go too?

Have a great week.

JJ said...

Blech! Hang in there and good luck!!! I'm glad you were atleast able to get some Star time in.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! And kitty is very careful around breakable items, too. Nice! We used to have a cat that was so clumsy, he could not be trusted around anything breakable....or maybe he was just destructive?

The love shack might be useful to have in Alaska. Of course, you have to get it there first, right? We have a pop-up camper and it takes so long to set it up after a long drive. It would be nice to have a hard-sided camper.

I'm glad you've been able to ride. Looks like a fun ride, too.


Jocelyn said...

Breathe, it's about to be driven to a steep cliff and pushed!

Jennifer: I will send you the cat..
He is a big love, but oh so mouthy...
Star is coming next Spring VIA Airplane :)

JJ: Thnaks, I am trying to get all the Star time in I can!

LIsa, Come get this one, I'll make you a killer deal!