Saturday, October 17, 2009

My child, My car and shopping.

On Friday we had to be in Bend at 8 am( leave Portland 4:30 am) to go to Logens mandatory Parent /Teacher conferences.
This is a proud face of a kid who loves his school and is getting all A's and B's and has only got into trouble ONCE and is now the Squad Leader. This just fills me with so much joy and pride that he is doing so well. He loves his school and the new found sense of self worth and respect he has.
This program was Logens Life Saver.

A little bit of marching, since Logen is Squad Leader he is in charge of the marching and the tempo.
Such a handsome kid. :) If I do say so myself.

So on the way home we had a dead battery at Safeway and had to get a jump , then about 10 minutes after that we hit this and banged up the front of my car and something underneath as it doesn't drive right and is making funny noises. So , I'm back to public transportation come Monday. Which is fine, but I don't get that extra sleep in time !

Today I got up at O'Dark thirty and went and picked up the BBFF and head to the Canby Tack Sale. SO much fun and we got some good deals.
I am not a negotiator but BBFF is, had I known that I would have given her my money and let her do the talking. Note to self for next time.
I got a Circle Y breast collar that matches my saddle, two leather halters, and a stable blanket liner for the cold winter time. I only spent $50.00!
We had to stop at the ranch before I took her home so she could drop off her " purchases" and not have to take them home as evidence.
Isn't she cute? That's my cowgirl.
This is how the JP1 rolls, Diet Coke, and a hefty bag.
The Tack sale is like a huge tack/bling/clothes/anything horsie Garage sale. There are some vendors with new stuff but mostly it is used. This is the Clackamas County 4H fundraiser.
I got to see my friends, spend a morning with BBFF and spend my husbands cash.

It just doesn't get any better than that. We had a total blast, but tomorrow I am sleeping in!


Mrs Mom said...

OooooRAH Logen! JP, that is awesome news. Just fantastic.

Man I totally wish we had tack sales like that out here. I really really do. Sonny needs a new blanket (since he has outgrown his other one,) a new halter... and I just enjoy drooling over tack and good deals ;)

Sleep sweet!

Flying Lily said...

And another hurrah for Logan the sweetheart!!! He looks awesome in those photos. I am jealous of the tack finds...

jennifer said...

I am SO. GLAD. things are going well for your son. That is wonderful news!!

Sharon said...

He is such a handsome boy Jocelyn! You must be so proud! I am so happy that he is doing so well. It must just warm your heart. I am so sorry your car got messed up, ugh! That is such a hassle. I'm glad you didn't get hurt though.