Monday, October 26, 2009

Eye Opening

Saturday Star and I had a lesson with Teacher Deb.
I am WELL AWARE of my riding posture faults. So I talked to Deb and said, my back hurts so bad every time I ride.
I feel like I am struggling to get through a ride sometimes.

So what have I have been doing is switching my balance and center of gravity to Stars body and not making her stay under ME and using the outside aids enough to keep her spine straight. The transformation of suspension and roundness was amazing.

Then it came to my attention that I cannot get Star to successfully get into the left lead for any more than a few strides. I have been enlightened to the leg/hip swing if your horse is on the correct lead. WHO KNEW!

So we are going to work on that left lead like maniacs for the next two weeks until the schooling show on the 7th.
Star and I are going to do our very first canter class EVER.. EVER... She has always been a W/T princess, this time she has to work it like a big girl. :)

It's going to either be awesome or a disaster.....


Mrs Mom said...

You 2 are going to do great!!

Paige said...

yep--you will be great. Have fun!

Jocelyn said...

MRs. Mom : Lets hope so! We work too hard for it not not at least be a good effort!
Paige: we always have fun, but I prefer BLUE RIBBONS :)LOL