Sunday, August 31, 2008

State Fair

Today we are off to the State Fair in Salem. It is my favorite way to end summer. The Llama, Goats, beef are so much fun to see. I also will be seeing the end of the Pinto show and trying to gear up for the competition for next year when Star and I will be going. I am deathly afraid of cows, so my time in the beef barn will be short. Last year a very nice man made me pet and love on his steer which was the size of a car, nice steer blue ribbon winner, but not my fav.

Pics coming tonight when I get home. This blogger deal can be so frustrating, so please bear with me as I continue to be blogger illiterate. HTML? Yeah.. Thank goodness I have a computer guru for a friend.

Funny side bit: For some reason animals of the camelid variety aka Llama do not like Shawn. He has some sort of bad Llama juju and when ever he tries to pet one they start growling and pacing and get that evil Llama look. We have attempted it several times with several different Llamas and well they all hate him. I will attempt to get a good photo op today. Maybe even a video. Medi-fast is going out the window today for Chicken, corn and Elephant Ears. I can smell it all now!

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