Saturday, August 30, 2008

Then I sold her

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October 16, 2006.
After much heartbreak and a financial decision after losing my job and endless months of struggling with lameness, up all night dealing with her colic, thousands of dollars in vet bills, and being unable to ride, I sold her. I wanted to compete, and her outlook of long term soundness was a best 50/50.
I sold her to Heather, see them in the link. She was also Heathers Dreamhorse and she fell in love like I did. Heather wanted to do no more than trail ride and plug along in the arena. It was a great match.
Their pictures are on the link.

The day Star left , I couldn't bring myself to say good bye, so I took her out of her stall, put her blanket on, wrapped her legs, put her into the trailer and handed Heather her Reg.Papers, a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos her favorite snack, and said good luck. When she started whinnying going down the road , I turned to my husband and cried in his arms as if I had lost a child, I sobbed for what seemed like days. I have another horse I had bought to replace her, but that day never came. Three days later I broke out in shingles and couldn't face what I had done.

The guilt of letting her go was insurmountable, and ate at me for months. Heather allowed me to come visit, offer advice and get occasional updates. I hadn't seen Star for over a year until April 2008. Then she came home...

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