Sunday, June 20, 2010

We didn't get the t-shirt, we got sweatpants!

This weekend was the Sunriver Ride at Wanoga Sno Park.
We did the 50 miler and got a completion!
I once again had tremendous help and crew, there was no way I could have gotten through without all their help. Darlene my Mentor was the best crew EVER! She has show me more support than I could ever imagine. She is a one of a kind amazing lady.

On Friday it was a onslaught deluge of rain and hail. My poor poor show Diva , was out in the weather all night!

I love Val, she let me stay in her camper, take a hot shower and have hot coffee and oatmeal!
I can't thank her enough for her hospitality.

Came across this sign in out travels. It was either go left back to camp or right to the Highway!
hmmm I wonder which way we should go?

There was some gorgeous scenery out there!
You always hear that the 50 and higher mile riders get the better views! They were so right! These views were awesome.

Star saw something out in the distance and she froze. I was thinking it was the million dollar home in the distance and she was saying, Mamma if we lived there we would be home right now.
This was right before Vet check 2 where one of the three of us riding together got pulled.

Mona in the red has over 10k in endurance miles. Poor gal got pulled at Vet Check 2 for lameness. Val my hostess with the mostess got pulled at Vet Check 3! I took the bit out of her mouth at VC1 ( stop and go) she had bitten her tounge again.
We changed into the bitless at Vet Check 2, because she was behaving and acting nice, and it gives me more control than just a halter and reins.

Vet Check 3, Star wouldn't pulse down and then Val got pulled! I had to finish the last 9 miles alone! It wouldn't be an endurance ride with JP if something didn't go awry. I was told no one was going to ride with me anymore I am now known as the black widow of the sponsor community. sheesh ! Here is something you don't see everyday. Star ground tied and has FOUR tubs of yummies to choose from. Darlene is the best crew ever, she left these for us at VC3.
She was there at every vet check helping the three of us get through.

So, sis and I headed out the last 9 miles solo. Once again, we got to the finish line alone!
About 5 miles from camp we got pelted with hail. Sis was a rock star, she did her western jog trot for almost 9 miles home. We got passed by about 8 people, who were busting butt to get back? I knew I was hours ahead of schedule so we mosey'd on back. We came in 27th out of 45!

It was a fun time, great new friends, a huge bon fire to sit by and listen to stories. However I was a beat dog, so I wasn't the life of the party at all. What was really cool was that alot of folks asked about Stars side pull. It seems that her side pull bridle was quite the topic of conversation!
So that will be the last 50 I do for along time, Star was fine but I wasn't mentally ready for that.
I wanted to do at least one before we move to Alaska where there are not any endurance rides. Now I can say been there got the sweatpants!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

So you won a pair of sweatpants? That's kind of weird! lol!

I want to know what sorts of yummies endurance horses are typically fed at the vet checks.

Star is looking so fit and svelte these days. Wow!
And look at your guys completing a 50 miler! I'm so proud of you two.
And your support crew made the world of difference, too.

Way to go!


Breathe said...

I think sweat pants are a great idea - who needs another t-shirt. Shoot, a pot holder would be great.

Congrats on your accomplishment! Having done that intro ride, I'm in awe of those longer distances.

No endurance in Alaska? That seems a shame!

PruSki said...

That is awesome! 50 miles! How do you even get startd in something like that? How do you train your horse? Great job!!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Wonderful job the two of you. How great to have such support out there.

AareneX said...

Great job--Sunriver is an awesome ride. So, what's your next ride then? Renegade?

JJ said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic experience. I'm sorry your buddies couldn't finish though, bummer! Star looks like an Endurance Super "Star"....congrats on finishing!

Ms Martyr said...

I heard yesterday that there used to be an endurance group in Fairbanks. Maybe you could get one started again in Alaska.

baystatebrumby said...

This is so incredible, reading about an actual endurance ride. It sounds exciting and even treacherous (I would not like riding in HAIL!). You and your horse are so darn admirable. Don't you feel all cool? Because you are!

baystatebrumby said...

I just read this again , this time outloud to my husband because I think you and your horse are so darn cool.