Sunday, June 6, 2010

Klickitat Trek

This weekend was Klicktat Trek ! I headed out after work on Friday darn J.O.B!. Got in late and although I wanted to do the 10 mile fun ride I thought I was too late in arriving. The ride manager said HURRY UP and register! So I parked, got Star settled and ran off to pay and vet in! With minutes to spare!
Star got the big pen, thank you Darlene. I put her right at the intersection so she could keep an eye on things, this was a mistake. While the first day was fine by Saturday evening, she was on overload and really really crabby.She lunged at horses who walked by teeth and all! So if I caught her doing that I threw very large sticks at her. She finally stopped and pouted. If she saw I had a stick she went to the far side of the pen and didn't move a muscle. So Shawn and I discussed that she needs quiet time and was on sensory meltdown and we will be camping in a quieter place from now on. Even horses need peace and quiet.

ahhh, Hot water! You can never go wrong camping if you have access to hot water. Those Starbucks instant coffee's are strong. Be advised if you want the jitters ! I take hot sponge baths in my trailer, I have decided that I HAVE to have a hot bath whilst camping/riding, and the back of the trailer works like a champ! I had to tie a lunge line to the handle , bring it inside and wrap it around the gate nice and tight. Viola! Privacy !

At Mt.Adams sis was freaking out when all the riders left camp. This time, she was looking out as if to say. See Ya Sucka's. Not one whinny, call or pacing, just a causal gaze to all the other poor pony souls.

However, when Junior came back to our little camp, she was very excited about that.
Max was awesome, he parked my trailer, helped me figure out the lantern, bought me a huckleberry shake while I was following him home. I went over the Hood River bridge on the way in and had a complete meltdown, so on the way home I followed Max across the Bridge of the Gods, much better. I just focused on this taillights and license plate and POOF we were across with no JP freak out session!

I was thankful I got to hook up with Monica for the trail ride. I found her talking to this gal Carla. I asked her if she was riding and she said NO, I forgot the saddle pad ! Well, can't have that! So I lent her one of mine and told her we would wait for her.So she RAN and tacked up and then RAN and registered. Then we left about 10:10 on the 10 mile fun ride.

This is Monica, she has a blog too Horsebytes. She was one of the riders who was with us at Mt Adams who backtracked to go get help for the bucked off rider.
Her and I both have pictures of each other in this pose trying to take pictures of each other!

This is Star chillin in her pen watching the BC riders and horses being checked in. I wonder what she is thinking? Well I brought the trailer home, washed it, washed all the buckets and am taking it back to the ranch tonight to take a rest until Sunriver !

Here is some fun video. :)
JP~ Out!


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Looks like lots of fun and as if you are become an pro at this stuff

AareneX said...

Aren't those trails AWESOME?!? I had such a great time at this ride.

And yes, the bridge is pretty dreadful. Maddie took video while I was driving over it. My knuckles were white.

Reddunappy said...

Glenwood is the best place to ride!! I took the girls up there when Emma was 4, for a trail ride and 4-H horse show, the trails are wonderful! Are you camped at the Rodeo grounds?
The trails up there are the first time I got Emma to go across water LOL

Reddunappy said...

And I agree! the Hood River bridge is really scary with a trailer!! But then I am on the north side of the river hehe hehe

Heather said...

JP I am so jealous and so proud! Looks like you had a blast! R O C K S T A R!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey where's Star?! I missed her Hoof-Out!

I watched the scary bridge video over at AareneX's blog before I stopped over here...egads! I would have been hyperventilating!
No room for driver error on that bridge, eh?

Good tip on finding a quiet place for the horsie. And the hot water, too.

Oh wow! What a gorgeous saddle pad....with some pretty blingie, too!

You're becoming such a pro at these endurance rides! I'm so proud of YOU!


Desert Rose said... are really getting the miles on that new trailer of yours!!!
So...I am now settled in and ready to ride! have had a few set backs...
Do you work every week day??? I have a few days this this next few weeks...???

allhorsestuff said...

EXCELLENT adventures!!1 I sure hope to join you one day!

Well, my mare would have been just like Star...too much going on ad you did it too.
being on the front line like that!
Looked like a fabulous place to ride, and I am glad that you did.

OKAY>>>Don't tell anyone yet...till Friday>> YOU guessed correctly on the Trailer "add on" piece!I laughed...I think we have the same trailer too! I am having a welder put in a clip so I may close the back door and have, putting the bar on the wall, so a horse can't get a halters stuck on the bridle peg in the tack room.

So, send me your address-
And wait a little bit and then, I will alert you to be looking in the mail box!

Jocelyn said...

Jack: Not pro's yet but by years end we should be!

Aarene: That bridge was terrifying! Never again!
I had a blast ! I love this sport !

Pam: I will come over this summer and we can go for a ride!

BBFF: Thanks sister! I am finally realizing my dream and it's awesome!

Lisa: That saddle pad is a homemade jobbie! She put them on herself ! You can too!

DR: I am always off one day a week, but it ususally depends on work schedule. IF I plan ahead i can take anyday off.

KK: Yipeeee I WIN I WIN I WIN!

Breathe said...

Looks like so much fun, having just finished my first ever camp out with my horse I can't wait to do more!!

So do you camp in a tent? Where do you set up the water in the horse trailer? Have you considered camping in the trailer itself?

DETAILS, girl! I need details!