Wednesday, June 30, 2010

to dream like a 4 year old

Last week, my gal pals and I went to watch the practice of the Rodeo Bandits. They do the grand entry for the Molalla Buckaroo.

The rodeo folks had not tilled the arena yet so the team couldn't really go too fast and have a full dress rehearsal. They are also way behind in practicing due to so much rain we have had this Spring.
There is Jen and Slurpee! She has such a great horse and Slurpee seems to enjoy it.
Star liked drill however I didn't. I realized that at 41 I don't need to go that fast! I would get a panic attack thinking about going full blast and then forgetting the pattern.

But what girl doesn't dream of riding her horse in a rodeo in a cute outfit, carrying the American Flag , in front of a roaring crowd? I did, and did it often. I would sit and watch these Rodeo Queens and just want to be one so bad. I always knew I would be someday!

and so does the BG, she has big dreams too I am sure. Remember what it was like to pretend to be a cowgirl? Grand Prix Jumper? or whatever your passion was?
I still dream like a 4 year old, but it is now mixed with reality! Too bad right? It can be a dream killer sometimes.

Keep dreaming like a 4 year old ! Those are what keep us young and inspired to follow our passions.


mrscravitz said...

Very Touching! Yes to dreaming like a 4 yr. old!

PruSki said...

I wanted to be all of those! And I still do at 30. HaHa! Mostly the jumper now though. Still dream mama. You are never too old to do anything ;)

JJ said...

I love this post, it's so true too. BG looks so adorable sitting there, dreaming no doubt ;).

I do remember those dreams, I still dream too; but like you say there's a good dose of reality in there now. you think I could still race a black Arabian (stallion, of course) that I find after my cruise ship sinks and strands just the 2 of us on a tropical island? Of course we'd win against the 2 fastest T-breds out there! LOL, those were my dreams!

Ms Martyr said...

Hey, I'm not really stalking you but I was looking at Craigslist yesterday and saw an ad referencing Elmendorf AFB equestrian facility. Here's a link:
I had no idea there was something like that on base. This may not be news to you...

Breathe said...

We need to start a sensible older woman's drill team so we can do fun things at a lope, or trot.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

When I 4 years old, I wanted to be a Lion Tamer.
Ummm.....I've changed direction quite a bit since then.
(thank goodness! lol!)


gtyyup said...

I'm lucky that I got to experience all of that (except the rodeo Queen thing) for 7 years. The "fast" part is the icing on the cake! But, it's not for everyone.

We used to do the Mollala Buckaroo every year, and St. Paul...and times!

Looking forward to your phone call with a visit out east!!