Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back home from Fair

The State fair is so much fun ! We always end our summers by going and having one last bit of fun before school starts.

Whats this? A Llama and Shawn?
This was a sweet Llama, Shawn tried with another Llama and well we had to slowly back away and leave the area. We Voted this Llama was on drugs.

Shawn got real close to this one, she was asleep so it doesn't count.

I think we may have found Stars missing family Link, this is why she can't be registered APHA and Only Pinto, there is always "one in the woodpile "

Ok, here is a picture of a Paint Stallion, he is drop dead gorgeous.

This is the QUILT they made of him, it was just amazing, over 11,000 little pixel type squares , pieced together by hand. Can you see the squares, they were less than an inch a piece ! Amazing!

Here is the quilt full size! I voted for it for People's Choice.!! It had already won many ribbons.

We also watched the Drill Teams, some were cool, most were lame. But we did get to see the 5 gaited Racking ASB's. What a rush ! Those are definitly Shawns favorites. HE loves the "steppers". Will update on Star tomorrow after I paint the bathroom, and move back into my office.

State Fair

Today we are off to the State Fair in Salem. It is my favorite way to end summer. The Llama, Goats, beef are so much fun to see. I also will be seeing the end of the Pinto show and trying to gear up for the competition for next year when Star and I will be going. I am deathly afraid of cows, so my time in the beef barn will be short. Last year a very nice man made me pet and love on his steer which was the size of a car, nice steer blue ribbon winner, but not my fav.

Pics coming tonight when I get home. This blogger deal can be so frustrating, so please bear with me as I continue to be blogger illiterate. HTML? Yeah.. Thank goodness I have a computer guru for a friend.

Funny side bit: For some reason animals of the camelid variety aka Llama do not like Shawn. He has some sort of bad Llama juju and when ever he tries to pet one they start growling and pacing and get that evil Llama look. We have attempted it several times with several different Llamas and well they all hate him. I will attempt to get a good photo op today. Maybe even a video. Medi-fast is going out the window today for Chicken, corn and Elephant Ears. I can smell it all now!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Then I sold her

PA280009 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

October 16, 2006.
After much heartbreak and a financial decision after losing my job and endless months of struggling with lameness, up all night dealing with her colic, thousands of dollars in vet bills, and being unable to ride, I sold her. I wanted to compete, and her outlook of long term soundness was a best 50/50.
I sold her to Heather, see them in the link. She was also Heathers Dreamhorse and she fell in love like I did. Heather wanted to do no more than trail ride and plug along in the arena. It was a great match.
Their pictures are on the link.

The day Star left , I couldn't bring myself to say good bye, so I took her out of her stall, put her blanket on, wrapped her legs, put her into the trailer and handed Heather her Reg.Papers, a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos her favorite snack, and said good luck. When she started whinnying going down the road , I turned to my husband and cried in his arms as if I had lost a child, I sobbed for what seemed like days. I have another horse I had bought to replace her, but that day never came. Three days later I broke out in shingles and couldn't face what I had done.

The guilt of letting her go was insurmountable, and ate at me for months. Heather allowed me to come visit, offer advice and get occasional updates. I hadn't seen Star for over a year until April 2008. Then she came home...

Friday, August 29, 2008

How it all began

I bought Star almost 4.5 years ago , as a Mothers day gift to myself in 2004. She was on Dreamhorse Classifieds, I had been searching for awhile and came across her ad and my heart stopped, and I knew she had to be mine. A very nice family in La Center sold her to me, and we are still friends to this day. When I bought her she was 3, un-broke, not halter trained, but creepy smart like a Border Collie. We bonded instantly and I was in love.

Here are her Baby Pictures. Her Mamma is a 16.1 hand Paint Mare named Sierra.

Her Sire is a 14.3 hand AQHA Chestnut Stallion. Go figure.

She had some Daddy Long Legs.

Day One Introductions

Good Day all,

This is a new blog I have created to embark on my new journey with this passion I have for all things equine.

My name is Jocelyn: I am the checkbook weilding caretaker of a mare named Star.

Star: 7 year old Paint mare, keeper of my soul, light of my life, drainer of my retirement.

Shawn: Husband, Owner of truck and trailer, cherished partner and blessed soul who allows this love of mine to exist and keep her in the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed.

More on Stars Story in the next post as I am testing all the features still !