Thursday, January 31, 2013

The studio is almost open !

In my house in Portland I had my own personal space. It was where I made jewelry, blogged and well hid if truth be told. Hiding is so childish sounding, I should say something like "me time" " personal space" " mom's time out" but in reality I was totally hiding.

In the new house I have the same space but the paint is an assault on my eyeballs.

FUGLY ROOM OF THE DAY. Dun Dunna Duh .. Drum Roll please..........

Poo brown with a dark poo brown stripe. It makes my eyes bleed. This may have been cool for a jungle themed room but homeboy previous renter had horrible taste in every room in this house.
Wait until you see the guest room before and afters.
Then, there is this weird drop down of the ceiling with popcorn texture. It was more than I could take really it was.

New Color is this! Viola!

A lovely shade of mossy green called Fern Valley. Ahhhhh so much better.
If I have enough left over paint I am going to paint that section of wall that angles down. It will make the ceiling look higher and the room more open. Now it feels like I have to hunch down in here.

When it is all done I will give you a tour and what you say?? A GIVE AWAY???
 Why yes, my darling blogger peeps there will be a give away.
SHUT UP you say?
Nay Nay, I have something fabulous in mind and you will swoon over it.

So, keep coming back ! You wont be disappointed I promise.



Reddunappy said...

So great to have you back JP!!!!

Reddunappy said...

OH! I like the green!!

strivingforsavvy said...

Much better color. How wonderful to have your own room!