Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The WOW diaries

In the famous words of my chihuahua Hank " I can't catch a break arounds here"

Poor Kid has got himself into a bit of wow trouble lately.

You have no idea how hard it is to get after this face.

Wows are just like kids, maybe worse. They have to be watched, taught and treated like a regular sized dog. Otherwise they become devils of society.

My chihuahuas "Chi- WOW- wa" are well behaved, but not today for some reason. Hank is barky, sullen and well naughty. I am busy upstairs painting and trowing away trash from moving boxes and I am paying for it.

Hank is not your ordinary wow, he likes to be outside, plays fetch and really wants to be a big dog.
He really is my therapy dog, I have become quite attached to him for company, comfort, entertainment and my general well-being.

I had better get back to work and finish so my pup can go back to being my lap dog where he belongs.

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HHmstead said...

We're blogger "neighbors" found your blog clicking on "next"! :-) Very nice! That tour must have been amazing!