Monday, January 28, 2013

The Absentee Blogger

Good Day Blogger Peeps and fans who are hanging on by a thread,

          Well, we did it, we moved to Arkansas. This move was not without stress, strain and some second thoughts. However, we made it, found a house and are settling in to our new life here in "The South"

 I started this blog as an online journal of sorts way back in 2008 before the rise of the Devil known as Facebook.

 I needed an outlet and a reason to take lots of pictures and tell their stories. However, I can do that via FB now in about 20 words or less. Let's face it , I am a FB sell out. My blog posts were funny, creative and at times educational.

Now I am reduced to such trivial things as posting myself as being at a bar or how my Chihuahua's look cute a million times a day.

Not that there isn't a place for my wows and their uber cuteness, but I seem to have fallen off the originality wagon somewhere along the way.

So with that, I vow to make this blog the fun and quirky place to come sit for a minute with your coffee and travel along with me.
I am no Pioneer Woman (insert snarky eyes) but I am funnier,  more entertaining and a MUCH better cook.

For real peeps :)

So, come on back if you have left me, or welcome if you are new to the world of all things food, myself and well... Star.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Darn you. Does this mean I have to come back to blogging, too?

Facebook has certainly become the soup de jour.
I'm glad you're back in the blog world because you're always entertaining in larger amounts. Facebook portions are way too small.

Plus we might get to hear more about Star, too! (hint! hint!)


Jocelyn said...

Thank you Lisa!

I am coming back and so should you.

Reddunappy said...

Welcome back Jocelyn!!!
I will be one that will enjoy your posts :O) Cant wait to hear more from you and see what you guys have been up to!!!

Ms Martyr said...

Glad to see your return to blogging. Looking forward to reading about your adventures. I rarely look at FB so have missed your updates.

strivingforsavvy said...

Glad you're back.