Friday, December 25, 2009

What did you do today?

Happy Holidays Blogger Peeps!
Today was very low key, that's how us Payne's like it.
Up early, open gifts, breakfast, tv movies, , cooking dinner, more movies.. You get the drift.

So this is my elbow almost a week later. Bone bruises are so painful I can't tell you.
The bruise actually feels like red hot pokers burning my flesh. I kid you not.
I actually now know how a rodeo cowboy feels and he does it for a living.
Screw that.

It is so swollen you can hardly tell its my elbow under there.
Once again my parents tag team called me praying I would give up horses and start collecting Madam Alexandra or Marie Osmond Dolls .When you are an only child you can be 41 years old and the folks still freak when I do crazy stuff. Dad calls and mom yells in the background " you are 41 years old, you aren't getting any younger.... yadda yadda"
They raised an independent active kid but I guess independent and active 41 year olds cause them to lay awake at night for some reason.

Goofy Catlin doing his pretend Shock n Awe over a new MP3 player. Notice Allie the GF rolling her eyes at him. She does that alot. :)

Logen starting his stream of gift opening. HE made out well this year :)

So for the in between times of cooking and laundry I got to spend some quality time in the studio in almost 2 plus weeks. The studio was a mess after Logen lived in it while my Father in Law was here, I cant work in a messy studio. I am a total slacker on getting gifts done, so I had to get on the ball. These are two pairs of earrings I have finished. One is mine and one is the BBFF's.
She is also getting a matching necklace.

I am also working on a " memorial" type of set for my Sister in law, as a remembrance of Joan my Mother in Law who died in August.
These are Amethyst, Aqua Marine and Aqua Aura beads. Gorgeous!

So this is ONE of my project boxes. I have a couple of them going at one time. So it's basically a dump and go method. This year I will get the beads and findings organized better, SP has some good ideas.It's all contained so I don't have to worry about beads going everywhere :) It's usually not this messy but this is a tough project and I was working with different stringing material and nothing was working. So there it will sit until I can get back to the supply store tomorrow !

I had a great Christmas! I got to do what I love with those I love.
Our Lord and Saviour was born today so let's celebrate! Another piece of pie may be in order :)
God Bless Everyone int he New Year!


Tammy said...

Wear those horse bruises like a badge of honor! You earned it! :)

My folks are both gone now & my husband and sons know the risk & have hit the ground a time or two, also. Last winter while riding bareback, my mare zigged & I zagged & we parted ways. She made it home before me & I was surprised at how worried ny youngest son was when he saw her come in riderless! I guess he cares afterall!

Merry Christmas!

Kristina P. said...

Looks painful!

Merry Christmas!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

The goopd thing about your elbow is that it's healing. It must have been very worrisome for a while.

The Wife said...

Glad your elbow is getting better. With the husband being a retired bullrider, I know all about those deep bruises. But he never got any sympathy from me.

Beautiful earrings!