Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tornados and TinkerBelle

Catchy title eh?

I thought so. Last night Arkansas made national headlines with its sever weather storm front. Shawn and I like to make fun of weather guys when a huge storm hits. It's always named Arctic Blast 2011, Rain Zilla 2012, Storm Watch of the Century. They sure do get all worked up about the " Big One".

Last night was no different, we were in the middle of a weather pattern that could have blown my house away. Shawn was at school and I was home alone with the pups. I was quite unnerved and not at all pleased with our new home of choice's shenanigans.

See the red area that says Jacksonville? That's me. EEEKS!

We survived, the weather today is not awesome either and I am not thrilled about having to go clean stalls later if this keeps up.

Then there is TBelle, the little wow that I puppy sit for friends a couple days a week.

She is my own personal tornado. She does this all day long.

Now I am off to herd cats and try and paint my studio/office while they nap.
 This little girl keeps me busy all day long, so there is no telling if I get anything done at all today.



JJ said...

Glad you survived! I hate crazy weather like that; and in the middle of winter? Tornadoes? Really!?


Tinkerbelle is adorable!

Jocelyn said...

Thanks JJ ! It was quite a fright night around here!