Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's a new journey.. again..

November of 2010 we embarked on a journey to Alaska. It's been rough to say the least. It's been a huge strain on my marriage, my personality and my desire to reach out and enjoy life.
Shawn and I have done our best to get out and embrace everything Alaska has to offer, and we have had alot of fun. However, it's not where we want to spend our lives on a permanent basis. Shawn and I are cowpokes, we enjoy ranch living, ranch life, open ranges and long warm evenings. We always knew we would retire in Eastern Oregon, or somewhere near his Dad's ranch in Oklahoma.

Shawn found out a few months back at a conference, that an opportunity in Little Rock, AR would be coming open eventually. (meaning in USAF, a year to 18 months). We knew it would be perfect for us, but also knew it would give us another year in Alaska to finish some must do items on our bucket list.

He got home from the conference and I kid you not , the job came open less than 4 days later.
So here goes nothing, we are moving again, this time back to the lower 48 and a left turn at Albuquerque.

Here is downtown Little Rock.

A State Park

Another State Park.

Johnny Cash's childhood home.
Also don't think I wont be taking my Mom and my sisters, Aunts, cousins for a trip to this place !

Hellllllllloooo sweet thing .. sigh.... Mommy is coming for you. !
I will also be visiting here.
The immortal resting place of the coolest musician that ever lived. He had a weird Oedipus complex, but he still made awesome music and a bajillion lame movies that I love to watch.
So we embark on June or July, the date isn't final but it will be soon.
It will be the Alaska Hillbillies tour 2012. Two horses, three dogs, a cat and a beta fish!

Lordy, it should be an interesting trip!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Roller Derby? Really ?

My family thinks I've gone crazy, my kids think it's cool and my husband LOVES IT.

I play for a team called the Denali Destroyer Dolls or DDD for short.

I am in the back row third helmet from the left.

Every Roller Derby girl has a nickname she goes by. Some are cute, some are tough and some are well.. Way too raunchy to put here.
 My name is Payne Killer and my number is #800 mg. I wanted something else but my son thought it sounded like a porn star. oops This is a family blog!
It was so cool to hear my name called out in front of 1000 people.

and it's number 800 Payne KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAH !!! Man, I do love me a crowd :)
These are the toe caps my sons bought me for Christmas. It's Bumble Bee from Transformers.
 I fell in love with them the moment I saw them and HAD to have them. Makes me feel like a bad ass.

Another picture of me. Far left, with white knee pads.
We won our first bout against a team called Midnight Sun Roller Girls from Fairbanks, AK. They were VERY sore losers and have made it very hard to be excited about our first win. I didn't get to skate because I had just had surgery, but I will be all good for the next one.

So that's the big excitement around here, as we have our next bout April 14th, and I actually get to play in that one.

I think I may have gone crazy, who at 43 joins Roller Derby? Me, apparently.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Ghost of Blogger Past

Good Morning Blogger peeps,

          I am excited to begin again this journey I took when I started this blog. We moved from Oregon to Alaska, now we are moving to Arkansas in July.

I had to stop triathlon training due some some medical issues, that I just had major surgery to repair.

I have also joined a roller derby team here in Wasilla.

SO much going on that I need to catch everyone up!

The yellow Bumble Bee toe caps, that's me :)
Please forgive for my long absence, it's been such a rough year and I was feeling less than inspired.

I always wanted this blog to be funny, informational and interesting. None of those things I had in my writing arsenal the last year.
However, I am feeling better and excited about beginning yet another adventure and sharing it with everyone via this blog as Facebook is boring to me these days.

See you soon,
JP and Star