Monday, December 13, 2010

A little peek into my life in Alaska

Hello Again from the Great White Tundra! We went on a day trip one Saturday and on the way home the night skiing was lit up at the local ski lodge. It was much prettier in person!
Shawn and I at his Christmas party. It was fun, but we knew NO ONE so we called it an early night.
Santa and his elves handing out the raffle gifts. I REALLY REALLY wanted the .22 , it wasn't meant to come home with me.. ( sad face)

This is the front of the house we moved into.

This is our main living area/great room.

This is the loft over the great room where I am sitting typing the blog. Right up against that blank wall.
If you are a card carrying member of the male species, you are not allowed up in here.
I can see the Palins from my back yard.
2nd house to the right.

This is the back of our house, it sits on almost 2 acres, gazebo, lake front, boat dock, fire pit, you name it I have it.

Shawn and the Labrador out on the lake, Momma is the smart one I only go out so far and call it good, the dogs and Shawn go out way to far for my nerves.

I adore art glass and pottery, these Moose Shakers are totally coming home with me soon.
I .... MUST...... HAVE.... THEM......

I got to pet some reindeer at the Colony Christmas in Palmer.
Besides the Art Galleries, The free Coffee and shopping, I went to pet the Reindeer.

So in Alaska they apparently EAT the Reindeer, you see it on all sorts of menus, but mostly in sausage form. I was aghast at the thought of the visions of my childhood Christmas Movies were atop some jerk offs pizza. Then it happened.. Shawn ordered it for breakfast. I about fell out of the booth. I told him the Caribou are for eating, Reindeer are for Santa, no exceptions.
I think he ordered it just to watch my reaction. Needless to say every time he took a bite I said
Was that Donner? Blitzen? Vixen? Comet? Does Santa know you just had Cupid with a side of eggs?
So thank you everyone for welcoming me back to blog land, I have missed it dearly and wish everyone the Happiest of Holidays.
Hugs and Love to all my Blogger Peeps


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

So good to hear from you. I've been thinking about you everytime I watch Sarah Palin's Alaska on TLC. Alaska is amazing and right up my alley on the way I'd love to live.....but how are you dealing with the long dark days and all that snow?

The house is GORGEOUS! YOu guys are living the life of luxury. Such a beautiful place to call your new home. I'd never want to leave. It's going to be even more beautiful come Spring and Summer. I hope you will update with photos then.

And you got to pet Blitzen?! HOw cool is THAT?!
Love the moose decor. After watching the last episode of Palin's show, I am dying to try moose hot dogs! hehe!

Love the photo of you and your hubby. You look really happy and very beautiful, chicky!


Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Susan Kerins and I live north of Fairbanks, Alaska Welcome to our neck of the woods! Love your comment to your husband about the reindeer! I raise appaloosa horses. Did you bring your horse with you? There is GREAT riding in the summer you will love it! I cant wait tosee how you are doing with the lack of sunlight and the extend of daytime! lol...The winters are no longer then normal and the summers ditto but with the amount and lack of daylight it sure seems different! Once again welcome to alaska and cant wait tohear what else you discover!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to alaska and it is great to see more horse people moving up here! I and my mom and husband raise appaloosas. We live north of fairbanks alaska and really enjoyed reading about your comment to your husband about his reindeer eating experience! LOVED IT!!! You will love summer time and cant wait to hear more about your adventures up here in the last frontier! Did you bring your horse with you? My name is Susan Kerins and I own Eagle Ridge Appaloosas and I read your blog through a friend of mines blog via facebook! Take care and you can look me up if you like! Enjoy and once again welcome to alaska!

Mrs Mom said...

JPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome BACK Babycakes!!!!

What a BEAUTIFUL house. Love the views, love the lake (and you don't have GATORS in it!! LOL) AK is such an amazing place. My sweet crazy bush pilot cousin said there is no way he could ever live in the lower 48 again. (You get stuck and need help, let me know- I'll hook you guys up with my cousin and his wife, and their 3 HUGE boys. He'd give you the shirt off his back, cause you know.. I wubs you.. ;) )

Oh yeha-- wheres da Super Mare?????

strivingforsavvy said...

What an adventure. Your place looks wonderful and I enjoy reading about you experiencing Alaska. I love those slat and pepper shakers too!!

wilsonc said...

So great to have a visual reference when your talking about your house on the lake and your Alaskan adventures! Did ya put up a Christmas tree? Did you go tromping out into the wilderness to cut it down? Missed you on here. Glad your back!

JJ said...

It's so good to have you back!

I have to say that Alaska looks quite beautiful. Your house is really nice, I hope it stays nice and toasty for you all winter long! You'll have to keep us posted on the goingson of the Palins :).

Reddunappy said...

Wow Joc!!! What an awesome place!!
Watching Sara Palins Alaska, she says that their next door neighbor moved in to write a book about them and spys on them all of the time!!!
Are Reindeer related to Cariboo?? LOL

Ms Martyr said...

Reindeer are domesticated caribou. My brother always takes some reindeer sausage home with him when he visits. I took the holiday train from Anchorage to Palmer a couple of years ago but sadly they aren't doing that any more.

AKPonyGirl said...

Hey! I was wondering where you had disappeared to.

So you got smart and moved to the valley. Want to have coffee someplace? Then we can take pictures and make OS mad at us.

Jocelyn said...

Lisa: My house is very cool, and I have your room all ready!

Susan: I look forward to getting to know you and meeting your horses! We love Appy's too!

Mrs Mom: Hey Sister girl! You should come up for a visit! We'll go Caribou hunting

Savvy: I am so buying them this weekend! THey are cuter in person

Char: I cant have real tree, I have a fake one. and No it's not even remotely up yet!

JJ: there will be plenty of Palin updates around here!

Pam: Reindeer are domesticated Caribou. NOT FOR EATING

Mrs M: Cant wait to meet you in person and get some good insight about the scoop on Alaska

AKPG: I sent you my email and phone on your blog. CALL me or stop by!

Desert Rose said...

Sounds like you are settling in year you will know lot's of people at the Christmas party! Tell Shawn there is not eating "Peter Rabbit aka The Easter Bunny" either!!!

jennifer said...

I love the peek into your new life. Your new home is beautiful!