Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finally heard from my girl.

I have been getting updates on Star's progress in school, but I had yet to hear from her myself.

This morning I got this email. Seems as if the Diva isn't appreciaing Fancy School as much as she should.

Hope it is ok to get on Auntie Toni's email and send you a note.... Where the hell are you! Oh sorry... Hi mom... how are you doing. I miss you. Just wanted to tell you that I got 4 (yes four) days of work this last week.... is this OK? I was thinking I would have yesterday off cuz it was like 80 degrees out, but noooo.... i even got my dark spots removed that were covering my whites... I don't think Toni gives me my bath quite like you, but I did see her out there with that big dark handsom boy Logan too so maybe she did not have enough time to wash my tail an extra time and condition it a ton.... felt kinda good though since it was hot out. - Do you know I have to carry my head in a certain way? She says it will help my topline. I doubt it, but whatever. I do it cuz I am told to and well, she gives me lots of breaks so I don't get too muscle tired. So far little Kara is the only other one that has ridden me. She does pretty good with me, but I understand Aunti Toni a little better.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, i love you and miss you..... Miss Star.

--Oh and did I tell you everyone thinks I am soooo pretty! Well, except Tim... he thinks i am pretty, but tells me my stall is a mess every day.... well, duuuhhhh, where else is all that food going to go. Guess I don't have to move it around, but that is what i do... .so there.... i can cuz i am pretty!


wilsonc said...

I really feel for you missing your girl. I know I would be going crazy. Hang in there!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I bet it felt great to hear from your beautiful girl. I'm betting that even a tear might have fallen, too.

How's the move-in coming along? Cathc us up when you get some time, k?

Where are you again...Fairbanks? Anchorage?

I'm already working on some plans to fly up there next summer. Got a spare bedroom for me? hehe!


Desert Rose said...

You must be missing STAR something awful!!! When I left Jesse in the desert for 6 months I had to go down and see him 6 weeks later...Have you gotten all settled?

baystatebrumby said...

At least it sounds like she is firecrackery enough to write such a spunky note! Sounds like she is just fiiiine.

jennifer said...

What an adorable letter. I'm glad she is doing well. I know you miss her.

baystatebrumby said...
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JJ said...

Well where have you been?I hope you and Miss Star are doing well!