Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's about to get as sweet as Unicorns and Cotton Candy here

Hank is growing up these days. We take him places all the time, he loves coming to work with me.
However his number one job is to keep me company. It's a career path he has taken very seriously as you can see in the following photos.

The picture above was at Shawn's Work BBQ on Sunday. He is not a fan of the children yet. They tend to mob him and get overly aggressive with the holding and petting. He does not like that one little bit.

Picture below is us coming home from work on Friday. We both had a big day at work.The floor I work on is Hank Fan Club central. So he was on his best company mascot behaviour all day.
Chihuahua's are bred to be companion animals. So we coined the phrase "companion-ing". It's what is on Hankie's resume as his skill set.

We were supposed to go shopping and run errands but someone needed a nap first and do some work on his " companion-ing" skills.

Blogger is pissing me off with this text alignment and photo alignment BS today. So the huge post about star will have to wait until I get home and use my other computer. Until then enjoy the cuteness :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

updates cometh I promise

It has been a busy busy summer, and frankly I haven't had the energy to update the blog.
Sorry Peeps.

On the bright side and dark side.

Star finally made it to Alaska

It was a nightmare and she is a little worse for the wear.

Next post will be the entire saga.

Hugs and Peppermint treats!