Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finally heard from my girl.

I have been getting updates on Star's progress in school, but I had yet to hear from her myself.

This morning I got this email. Seems as if the Diva isn't appreciaing Fancy School as much as she should.

Hope it is ok to get on Auntie Toni's email and send you a note.... Where the hell are you! Oh sorry... Hi mom... how are you doing. I miss you. Just wanted to tell you that I got 4 (yes four) days of work this last week.... is this OK? I was thinking I would have yesterday off cuz it was like 80 degrees out, but noooo.... i even got my dark spots removed that were covering my whites... I don't think Toni gives me my bath quite like you, but I did see her out there with that big dark handsom boy Logan too so maybe she did not have enough time to wash my tail an extra time and condition it a ton.... felt kinda good though since it was hot out. - Do you know I have to carry my head in a certain way? She says it will help my topline. I doubt it, but whatever. I do it cuz I am told to and well, she gives me lots of breaks so I don't get too muscle tired. So far little Kara is the only other one that has ridden me. She does pretty good with me, but I understand Aunti Toni a little better.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, i love you and miss you..... Miss Star.

--Oh and did I tell you everyone thinks I am soooo pretty! Well, except Tim... he thinks i am pretty, but tells me my stall is a mess every day.... well, duuuhhhh, where else is all that food going to go. Guess I don't have to move it around, but that is what i do... .so there.... i can cuz i am pretty!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Alaska

Last night we went to a place called Potter's Marsh it is a Bird Sanctuary. We are standing on the boardwalk that runs the perimeter of the marsh.

You can barely see them, but those are dying spawning salmon. This Marsh is special as it is a cocktail of fresh and saltwater. It makes the perfect environment for the salmon to come here and spawn.
Well, it look like some critter came and got din din before we got there. These tracks were fresh :)

The boardwalk expands clear around, if you click on it and bigg i fy the picture you can see it.

The host family :) See the telescope? Those are free, not like other places where you have to put in quarters. I saw Bald Eagles and when the sunset I saw the moon for the first time in my life in such amazing brightness and clarity. It was awesome.

More of the boardwalk. See that cluster of houses up in the hills? That's where I live.

The headlights are from the Seward highway, it's like more than a mile away.

Cool Moon picture.
The reflection of the moon in the water was pretty cool.

This is a little video of my new adventures in Alaska.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

on the 8th day GOD created Alaska

I arrived in Alaska the 8th of September. It has been a non stop whirl wind of work and play.
My host family as I call them have been the ultimate tour guides.
The weather here has been nothing short of spectacular.

The Cook Inlet
McHugh Creek Falls

More of the Cook Inlet

A Farm run by the LDS church. It's a U Pick it. They have everything you could imagine.
This was a good time, I made a picnic lunch for the fam and dug up taters until the sun dropped.

Yummy red potatoes. Did you know if you don't wash them and let them dry with the dirt on them, put them in cold storage they will last for 4 to 5 months? Cool little tid bit.

The farm was surrounded by these mountains, just amazing the scenery everywhere you go.

Well this wraps up the first 4 days of my new life. I will only have sporadic access to a computer for another week or so.
I miss all my blogger peeps and look forward to getting back to everyone soon.