Sunday, November 30, 2008

Moving Day

Well Friday was moving day for Star and I. Shawn and I cleared out everything Thanksgiving morning. It was weird, it felt like I was leaving a marriage. My stuff had been in the same spot for almost 5 years, I knew the horses, the faces of their owners, I could count on everything being the same everyday and I thrived on the familiarity of it all. I struggle with adult ADD, so having a specific routine and specific place for my stuff was part of who I am . I had become complacent and was unable to cope when it crumbled. So here we are leaving, my friend Toni was so kind to let me hire her to trailer Star. It was a flotilla , me in pace car, Toni and trailer with Shawn pacing the pack in last place.

We've arrived ! This is my very good friend and former board-mate at said stable. She left a couple years back and she is the greatest. She is going to be my new coach/trainer when she has time. We were so happy that Miss Star hopped right in the trailer, no drama, no Kiss My ***, just one little sniff and hopped in ! What a rock star. She just gets better all the time.
This would be impatient Star. Trailer has stopped, I want out and PUT THAT CAMERA AWAY!
I'm gonna hoof that camera back to blog land if you don't get me out.

Taking a little look see in the arena. Why are those Boy Horses talking to me? Mamma sez boys are stoopid. They sure talk funny and prance around all stoooopid like.

Oh My green grass? Yummy scrumptious..
I had to DRAG her back to her stall. The turnouts have actual GRASS.. Go figure. This is the area where the owners are going to make a NH Playground. I am so excited to see it when it's finished.

She has never had a stall door with a drive up window.She also has a run with no mud, it's all compacted sand. ! It is very exciting for her. The bay mare is BBFF's mare Gracie. They were stall mare frens , now they are super mare frens. Gracie even had a touch of a tantrum when I took Star away to go work. sweeeet. :) Star has a BBFF too!

Well, time to eat some cake, and take a shower as I really smell like horses today. WHEW!

I don't mind but it's not very romantic... I don't want Shawn to start nickering and prancing :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Got your elastic pants on?

I do!
Turkey is in the oven, and boy are we ready to eat ! Shawn wanted me to have it done around dinner time instead of the Morin usual of 2 or 3. HUH? I know!
Menu for three:
Turkey with my secret rub
Twice Baked Potato Casserole
Brown Sugar Carrots
Pumpkin Pie

So We decided to move the last of the heavy stuff and hay to the new barn today and so tomorrow all we have to do is move the princess herself. I can leave the driveway and not have to worry that I have to come back there for any reason.

What I am thankful for:

1. Jesus and His grace and Blessings on my family and friends.
2. My Husband, he is the best husband ever. HE let me put my dirty horse tack in the back seat of his pickup, delivered my " box" and a bale of hay, instead of sitting and watching Football or the History Channel. He also ran to the vet on his DAY OFF to get Star's tummy medicine.
3. My Kids, they are healthy, strong, smart and sometimes smarta$$. :)
4. My Health
5. My horse, she puts up with alot, has to listen to me cry, vent, laugh, talk on the cell phone, get washed constantly, and lets me on her back !
6. That I live in a Free Country that our Blessed Troops have fought and died for. I celebrate Thanksgiving today because I am FREE and able to celebrate what I want, when I want and how I want.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This weeks Goodwill Extravaganza

Geesh ! Blogger has been a PITA all day!
Ok, so here is this weeks SCORES!
This is a brand name jacket , super cuddly and warm, It was a green tag so that meant 50% off!
Price: $7.50 ! Retail $ 40
wooo hooo! I didn't know it was half off until I went to pay! I thought it was a steal at 14.99! It matches my Ariat Fat baby boots and looks super cute with jeans. Very Western-Cowgirly. I love anything like that!

I 've been looking for Christmas/Holiday serving dishes. I don't like the cartoon-esque kind I like the classical kind that my Grandma would have had. I know picky picky.
This is a bowl I will use for dips, or cranberry sauce or the like.
Price $1.99

My Grandma collected Cardinals, I have a few things, but almost screamed when I found this mid priced brand of China with Cardinals on it! Another score @ $1.99. Still haven't found that egg plate but I am still searching. Someone out there needs to donate one!

The coolest find of the day was these MUGS( 2) from Starbucks. I already have 1 and I know it cost over 10 bucks at Starbucks, I found 2 for 1.99 each. Yipee skippee.

Shawn wasn't excited about my weekly finds until this trip. He was as excited as I was about how well I shopped. I know I won't be as lucky as my last two trips, but I have turned my husband and his friend around to this whole Goodwill Shopping idea. Shawn's sister used to shop at Goodwill and bought like new Pendleton Wool Shirts to wear when she had an outside job for less than 10 bucks each. Retail ? Over $50 each.

Always look on the bottom of cups and plates. I know pottery, glass and china. My Mom and Aunt are collectors :) You never know what you could find!

Happy Thanksgiving Blooger peeps!
May you be the first to the cranberry sauce and the last to the yams .. :(

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Uncle John

This post is about my Uncle John. He is the oldest of the siblings on my Mom's side.
I got back into contact with him after many years. The funny thing is that ANN that bought my horse BLU works for the Oregon Cerebral Palsy Association OF Oregon , and I asked her to ask John if it was OK to get into contact with him. Our Jesus works in amazing ways.
So last Saturday I went to his home and visited for about an hour and a half. He is amazing, he has won several awards and accolades for being an advocate for the handicapped.
HE has been a proponent for independent living and a success story himself.
It was great reconnecting with him and have invited him to my home for Christmas.
EEKS! Now I really have to clean the carpets! yikes!
I have an ear infection or something and I couldn't hear and my voice kept echoing inside my head, it was driving me crazy. So John I apologize if I was yelling.. ugh.

So here is to many more visits and emails. I am loking forward to Christmas dinner, I will make sure that Salmon is on the menu!

Oh my aching back

I have been wanting one of these Gel Pads for about 2 years now, but they are VERY expensive. I also thought I would be doing more Dressage and Endurance and there are special pads for those saddles. But, I sold Blu and since I will be doing mainly Western with Star, I decided to blow my wad on this little gem. Last night was the first night. It was Amazing. She was less cinchy, less cold backed and not ONE cranky episode our whole ride. She trotted peacefully with ears forward and begging to canter. Our arena is a disaster on one end, so no canter for her. Her attitude was a total 180 from Friday.

I recommend them but so does GEORGE STRAIT. Well, if George tells me it's what he uses, then I must have one too. :0 He could tell me I need a hole in the head and I would be the first in line. Anywho. That's a whole other subject, and my husband reads this blog...
Today is Shawn's Birthday, so he already got his gifts and card this morning and tonight I am taking HIM on a date to the movies. We are going to go see the new James Bond Flick. Yipeee, I love James Bond and have been patiently waiting for this one to come out!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Digs for Princess

Since my Boarding Barn is closing and I am forced to move, I have been on the search for a new address for Princess. Ironically, Shawn's co workers built a brand new facility last year, but due to some unruly neighbors and County Red Tape, they are finally open. Whew! Just in time!

I will be the first boarder along with my bbff and her mare. This is the view when you pull in.
This place is so nice it looks like something out of a magazine. Clean, airy, light and cozy.

This is the indoor arena, HUGE by arena standards, regular is 60 x 120 this one is 84 x 132
The footing is fabulous for those unforeseen rider removal episodes.

So this is what you see on the right when you walk in. These stall have runs, the others do not.

There is two tack up areas and skylights over EVERY STALL. They took great care in creating their dream barn and I am just grateful I get to be a boarder there. Only bummer is no bathroom, just a porta john. The Mrs. Owner refuses to clean a bathroom and I don't blame her. So I have to make sure I don't drink too much before I go!

This is the coolest thing. The walkway from the barn to the arena is COVERED! Yes it is! Also, it is the handicapped parking spot. So when my Dad comes he can roll up, get out his scooter/walker and never leave the cement. Wicked awesome. That's me on the left and Mrs. Owner on the right.

Ok, this is the wash rack. Hot and cold running water, AND huge overhead heaters. Shut it Donkey if I doesn't have heat ! SCHA-weeeeeet! My other horse friends can really appreciate this. So The Princess doesn't get chilly when I wash her legs and tail all winter. I am so going to love it here. We move next Sunday and I just can't wait.

There has been so much drama at my old barn, which was just too sad and emotional for me, I will be glad to be starting over fresh somewhere new. I am so happy that my bbff is coming with me. It will be way more fun with her there.

This is the view to the upper pastures and turn outs. There will also be a Natural Horsemanship playground for those who wish to do that. All sorts of objects to climb and walk over, step on, step through for the NH enthusiast. There is a road that leads to the turn outs, so you don't have to tromp through mud to get your horse there. Once again.. awesome.

Also, Blu sold. A very nice lady bought her and she leaves next Saturday. sad....
But we are going to start a new chapter..........
the next Arabian will be a gelding, proven endurance mount and hopefuly as beautiful as Blu.

Friday, November 21, 2008

BearCat in a Cow Suit.

Ok, I know I have been very bad lately about consistently riding Star. I made a vow that when we moved to the new barn I would be extremely consistent. Unless it's icy, snowy, sub zero.
So last night I worked her in the side reins for a bit. Decided to forgo the driving lines as warm up and she SEEMED relatively calm. Then my bbff comes to talk and we end up visiting for a bit while Star takes a little cat nap patiently waiting for us to shut it.

So we re-warm up and my cell phone rings in my pocket. Husband calling.... SO I have Blackberry in one hand and lunge line in other. The minute I start talking she stops, so now it's Blackberry, Lunge and WHIP. Multi tasking at it's finest. I know she is very cold backed so we always sit and do flex, one rein stop stretches and bending before we start our sessions.
She wouldn't even do that ! Ears pinned, looking fondly and longingly at the out gate, head spins back at to say I'm going to bite your toes off Mom if you smack me with that crop one more time.
I hate fighting with her, but she must do what I ask.. So tonight I just worked it out, crow hoppy, ears pinning, balking, WE MUST GO TO GATE NOW general nastiness. As usual I got her to cooperate on my terms and we called it a night. I love her mind, she is very easy to understand and read. Just like she is on the outside she is on the inside , it's black or white with her. There is no grey area.

At our new place there is no going outside from barn to GIANT indoor arena, all cement and under cover. So hopefully we can stay warmer, drier and cleaner this year.
It's going to be a looooooooooooong winter.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Cat is away....again

MR. P is off gallivanting around again with his military cohorts. Tough life that guy has I tell ya.
I wouldn't want to be him right now, it's very cold and very rainy and miserable to be outside int he part of Oregon he is in. I am comfy, cozy and in my Pj's .. Oh yeah.. life is tough for me too!

So tonight Logen and I had take out Chinese, Pumpkin pie and for Mommy? A bottle of my super fav wine.
My bbff Heather says I can buy it at COSTCO in the big bottle, note to self for next time.
bbff ( best barn friend forever), she has been promoted from Barn friend to best barn friend. She is very excited.

So, IF all goes well we will have a new addition to our furry family come Saturday. I can't say much about it, but it will be a very exciting story.
I know my blogger peeps will find it exciting anyway.

This is a shout out to my Dad, who reads my blog ! How cool! I have fans!
I will be posting back around about the horses starting tomorrow, as we have some more exciting things taking place in the next two weeks we would like to share.

Till then peeps! I think I need 2nds on that pie... and going to go to bed early, because the quicker I wake up , the quicker my sweetie gets home.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ten Dollar Extravaganza

Ok Blogger peeps !
Here is my bounty from my Ten Dollar quest to find some treasures at Goodwill.
I decided to drive the 9 blocks because it was very cold and I forgot my jacket. Parking was a total drag as it is only street parking. Note to self: Leave Parka in car.
So, I go to the Jackets first for some cute casual with jeans items.
Nothing, a cute turquoise one from Sachs 5th but to boxy made me look like a Tiffany's Ring Box. No wonder it's there :)
So I wander to the Housewares.

See exhibit A.
A gorgeous picture frame that screams Wedding Photo. Yipee!! it evens has Rhinestone sparklies.
$2.99 -SOLD

Up close of the frame and sparklies. This is going well so far. My hopes are high, even though the place is crowded and a few forgot to shower. Well, maybe not "forgot" more like lifestyle choice?
This is not the Shi Shi Goodwill I remind myself. I press on.

Exhibit B:
Oh It's another frame, but it's green and has dragonflies, which is the theme and color of my bathroom! SHUT IT DONKEY, if we haven't found treasure number 2. This will have another cute Shawn and Jocelyn photo in it for me to look at while I dry my hair and pluck my eyebrows.
Do I want to look at myself in a frame while I'm nekkid with my hairdryer? I'll just turn it over if I feel weird.
Damage:$1.99 schweeet! Sold as well.

And for my final SHA-ZAM, the Coupe de grace, the Good in my Will, the deal of the day is this.
Two bottles of Mane and Tail HORSE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. Full, never opened and You can NEVER , and I mean NEVER have enough horsie products.
Who would have thought in a million years I would find THESE at the Goodwill!
Stuff for Star ? Pony Products? Who knew! Wicked Cool that I had to about run over an old lady to grab them before she could snatch them for herself, or her little yapper dog I know she has.
$1.99? Whoa, stop the horses, back up the wagon! This is by far the best deal. When your husband says, WOW, Mane and Tail for a buck ninety nine? Good Job hun.
You know it's a great deal.

Final Damage is ....... hold on.....
Because I bought a candy bar. :) I was feeling faint from my high, needed some sugar to get me to the car.
So, I think I will make this my weekly deal. I will keep everyone apprised of my findings and weekly treasures.
How fun is this????
Thanks Sharon for getting me started.

Stay tuned for the evening news

Blooger Peeps !

Goodwill was very Good for the JP today. Very Very GOOD!

Got out of there for less than 10 bucks with a Candy Bar to boot. yahoo.

Will post pics from home as I don't have a USB cord at work. :(

For those of you who know moi, I have a barefoot/germs/don't you drink or eat out of anything that's mine or die, sort of issue. Some say control problem, I say, blame it on my Mom the Nurse. She taught me to hate germs and from whence they come. Nuff Said.
So for me to go to Goodwill and look at other peoples shoes, water bottles, coffee mugs,silverware etc. makes me a bit... shall we say.... queasy.
Not to say I won't throw it all aside for a wicked pair of sparkly Stuart Weitzman stilettos or Ferragamo flats.
The egg plate I have been searching for when found will go under a certain amount of bleach water and germicide, let's not go crazy right?

So Stay tuned for:


Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Train Event

Today is my Stepson Catlins 16th Birthday. So we took him just for fun to the Once a Year open house at the Model Train Depot in Portland, They only open it up to the public for one month a year, it is a fundraiser to pay the taxes, insurance and other activities for the Model Train clubs in the area.
Click this link for more photos.

This is what you see when you walk in, the Conductor and what would have been his work station. I wonder how much they got paid? Was it boring? Was it fun? Too bad the guy is a mannequin. I iwsh they had more informational stuff on the displays. I tend to read all those things down to the detail. I just wanted to learn more about it all I guess.

Here is one of the many trains we saw. So cool, headlight and whistle !

The dioramas are actually on top of a tunnel system for the different line conductors to get between sets. This hole is one of the stations. I usually ask tons of questions, but they all looked really busy and kinda well curmudgeon like.

That electrical board actually shows where the trains are and on what lines. Each conductor has a set schedule they must run each train on. Line 2 @ 11:09, to track 3 at 1:37, etc. Keeps them busy and from trains derailing other trains. It's all part of the " hobby" running them on real time schedules. This I learned from a show on PBS.

More trains. :)But this is the diorama of a stockyard. Can you imagine the smell? Blech..

This was a logging operation. See the Forest Fire in the background? How cool is that? I just love stuff like this. I was one of maybe 3 women in the whole place.

This is the " BEND, OREGON" area of the event. I cracked up at this little camper with Granny and her gun, while Grandpa was out drinking on the side. She obviously was a good shot, check out her bear skin on her camper!

Here was a set up of an actual drive in, there was an actual movie playing on the screen. Most of the little kids were in front of this one.

Here is the carnival. Everything was operational and very detailed. Check out the cute little lampposts that are lit up!

Here is a closer look at the carnival. Can you smell the Cotton Candy and Corn Dogs?
Makes me want to go to the State Fair all over again!

Here is another view of the trains, but this was a Circus Tent. with all the animals. Very cool.

I thought this was funny, Firemen putting out a house fire in what we would know as
" Hood River, Oregon"

At the end of the tour is a complete Train set up made up entirely of Lego's. The detail was crazy and the scale was spot on.

Then we went to Korean Food since Catlin is 1/2 Korean we go on special occasions. His Mom takes him more often then we do. We also got to meet his very cute girlfriend Alli. She is just so cute and very quiet! She'll have to get over that around here ! I made Catlins Favorite cake and let him drive MY CAR. He only drives his Dad's truck, I never let him drive my car, but today he got to chauffeur me around. :) They grow up so fast ! He wanted a "funfetti" cake. I made him one complete with Funfetti Candles to match.

It's hard to believe he is 16 and driving ! I hope he wished for something good !

Well time to sign off ! More laundry to finish before tomorrow morning still !

Saturday, November 15, 2008

No Goodwill for me

Sorry ladies, life got in the way this week and I didn't have 5 minutes to go to Goodwill like I had planned. Will try again next week.
Good news, the gal who is looking to buy Blu is in luuuuuuuuuuuuuurve with her and her personality.
They are going to take some more lessons and get know each other.
Also, on a side note:
Ann the gal who is Blus potential new bff, works for the Oregon Cerebral Palsy of Oregon.
I have looking to get in touch with my Uncle John Calhoun who has CP, and lives in Portland.
I never got to know him much growing up and have often wished I had taken the time to get to know him as I know not much family goes to see him. Ann knows him personally and made contact with him, so I will be receiving his contact info back by Monday.
Jesus answered my prayers. A new home for Blu and contact with a very special family member.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am going to go to Goodwill on my lunch hour today, it is only a few blocks from my work.
I am taking my camera, and will post what super fabulous things I find.
My goal?
10 bucks.

Yep, 10 bucks..

If a fellow blogger who knows who she is can be a thrifter at Goodwill, so can I.
Crossing fingers !!

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kiss your Veteran Day

It is kiss your Veteran Day.
Who knew? I thought it was ALL Vets, but I was told I was only allowed to kiss THIS Vet.
Lucky me ! Hubba Hubba.
If you know a Veteran, tell them Thank You for their service to our country and Your Freedom. They deserve it.

Shawn on a Tour in Djibouti, Africa on Somalia border. Civil Unrest has been here for generations, it is a very dangerous and poverty stricken area of our world.

In Africa at a Cheetah Refuge. Kitty is saying " Come closer you smell like Chicken."

Me and my Veteran I get to kiss all day today and everyday. He has 20 years of service to protect our Freedom. God Bless America.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Oregon Mountain Trail and My Favorite 5 year old

This weekend we went to the Oregon Mountain Trail Championship in Eugene. We woke up very early crack o dawn: 15 am, and drove the two hours to get there. We picked up Shawn best friends daughter Beth, who thanks to Aunt J has a new found obsession with all things equine. This couldn't be from all the horse stuff I have bought her, or the Lime Green Cowgirl Boots and Matching T shirt Shawn bought her.. Nope that couldn't be it :) I only have boys, so having a little girl around is a huge treat for Shawn and I. We are nothing but suckers. :)
This is on view of the course. There is a lake, waterfall, fallen logs, rock climb, two bridges, several trenches etc.. Pretty much everything you might encounter out on the trail with your horse.
This is Beth petting her very first horse. This horse is an 18 year old 2x World Champion Reiner who is now retired and this girls new BFF and trail partner. Who knew Beth would be petting a World Champion! The owner was very kind and the horse was a saint. Shawn took his turn taking her to go pet mules later in the day, he forgot the camera. :(

This is the beginning of the course, they had to open/close a gate, then pull a log at a trot forward, then pull it backwards like a calf. So cool.

Oh look another picture of Beth! She is 5, she was adopted from Thailand only a year ago. She is so well behaved and so sweet, and was just a blast to have with us that day. Kudos to her parents, she is very respectful and well behaved and her English is clear as a bell. She had a thing for the ditches and bridges. They let us walk the course, well keeping up with a 5 year old is hard work. We did the course three times at an extended trot if you will.
Note the lime green Ariat Boots and Pony T-shirt, She dressed herself in what we bought her.
Everyone say awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....

Here is the lake they had to go through. Beth opted to pass on that thank goodness.

This is the last bridge they have to cross before turning on a switchback and going through the previous trench under it and the finish line.

Who is this lady in Pink? That IS Jewell, ABU's Mommy and the blogger of 20 meter circle.
It was so cool to meet her in person. I think we are going to meet up again at the Spring Show in her neck of the woods.

Ok, so we end our day at Coastal Farm, the Pony Store. Beth spies this Hot pink with Rhinestones Saddle the minute we walk in. So then she proceeds to pick out the Hot Pink Halter, bridle and Spur Straps to match. I didn't help her, she did it all on her own. I know her parents are going to kill me for getting her excited about horses, but who am I to say no to a 5 year old?
It was such a fun day, that ended with Beth's Mom's Birthday party with pizza, cake and ice cream.

What a great way to take my mind off all that was happening in my own life these days.
I left Beth with one of my Arabian Magazines, she didn't let it out of her sight, must have turned the pages a million times and kept asking me " Aunt Jocelyn, did we see this horse today?", Which horse is your favorite? , Which one will I see next time? " It filled my heart with joy and I will make sure she gets as much equine exposure as possible, as every little girl deserves a horse to call her own.